Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miyuki-chan in Mirrorland review!

I know i said i would do this a few days ago but my life got strangely busy all of a sudden. So here is the sequel-ish thing to wonderland mirrorland! (this is based off through the looking glass.)

Since both are on the same dvd they have the same cover art.

So it starts off that Miyuki is all dressed for school and brushing her hair. The clocks turns to 7:31 but she doesn't panic and run out the door this time. When she finishes brushing her hair her reflection sticks her tongue out at her, reaches through the mirror and tries to kiss her.

I wouldn't bother acting surprised anymore.

Her reflection takes her hands and pulls her into the mirror where they fall into blackness. Miyuki wakes up surrounded by green and blue dots. A sword appears out of nowhere where the blade is made up of the carving of several naked women.

It has the words 'Welcome to Mirrorland' written on it backwards. While looking at the sword a bat elf fearie like thing comes flying around and lands on the sword. This bat fearie thing tries to look up her skirt and picks up Miyuki and carries her through the ground. (as in mirrorland the ground is the sky and the sky is the ground.) Then the bat thing drops her into a field of flowers.

I don't remember this anywhere in the original book.

When she lands in the field of flowers she lands on  flower which is a course of a stripper. Another flower stripper comes along to help first flower stripper up. They play with Miyuki for a while wanting her to come play with them. Miyuki runs away. Where little islands float in the sky and rivers and waterfalls are also floating.

Miyuki and flower strippers.

While walking around she meets a butterfly. After talking to her for a minute Miyuki sighs and the butterfly gets blown away. 
She's pretty non offensive as a butterfly actually.

The wind then blows her away to a giant chess board. Where she has to play against her reflection to win.  The person who loses has to take their clothes off. The person who's explaining this all to her is Humpty Dumpty.

Don't ask me why the subtitles are suddenly red and in german.
 I don't know.

Glass walls come down from the sky to entrap Miyuki there. So she has to play. All of the pieces are strippers (what were you expecting?) and whenever they take out another piece that piece gets bitch slapped and it's clothes disappear.

This poor pawn. The first one out.

The game goes on until Miyuki (not her reflection) wins. Her reflection takes off all her clothes and Miyuki runs away. Running through the glass and falling into some more black. She then appears in her bedroom again. Miyuki looks at the mirror making different faces to see if it reflects back. It does, so she goes back to brushing her hair. Then she grabs her bag and leaves. While the reflection turns around and smiles at you.

Then it's the end (or Never End as it puts it.) This is almost as bad as the wonderland. Theres not as much strippers and not that raping.  I wouldn't bother to own this. (Unless you really love clamp.) It's very rare as it turns out so this is a good collectors item. Just not for actual watching. 

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Romanticide said...

Miyuki chan is one of those older raunchy clamp titles that the only reason you can believe it got made is because Clamp wanted to do at least a title in every genre know to manga in japan no matter the quality... by the time chobits came nothing surprised me anymore XD

And the Elf, faerie, thing... is Jaberwocky... no really.

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