Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Outfit post

Yesturday my roomates dragged me to the mall again. (which turned out to be a bad idea cause one of my roomates boyfriend just made fun of the me the entire time. But he's a different and long story.) So heres what i wore.

 We were in pennies for impromptu posing 
 Random mirror shot
I sitting on the ground outside because there weren't any benches and i thought i looked really pretty. It wasn't until we got home that i noticed she took this picture. XP. We were waiting for the van to drive us back.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mall and outfit

fHi everyone on friday i went to the mall and this is what i got/wore.

 shirt from forever 21. Eyelashes from forever 21. Tights from forever 21. Which i wore today and found a hole in the side of one of the legs. I only cared for a second because ripped fishnets are a goth staple. Brain age is from the gamestop.
 Close up of the print. It was kind of sort of expensive but i couldn't resist.
 I've found a new love in gyaru, and i've mostly left lolita. I still love the dresses and will continue to wear it. I'm just not in any comms anymore.
 The sad thing is that i owned brain age when it first came out and i lost the actual game to it. So now i've got two brain age boxes. But i was so happy to find it so cheap. I clutched it in my hand while i tried to find the exit.

I had gotten lost you see. The van gives you a time and you're supposed to be at that spot at that time (whatever place they dropped you off in and whatever time he said.) so he can drive you back to school. I found a map and got back fine with like ten minutes to spare. ^.^ Now for the outfit.

 My hair/face.

 My outfit. Yeah i know this is bad picture but it was like ten at night, and the lighting in my room is awful. But anyways i'm wearing black skinny jeans, black lace top, a black jacket, and black tank top with pink flowers on it.
My shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fairy-Kei try one.

Hello everyone a few days ago i had tried out a fairy kei-ish outfit. Yes i wore this to class and to the mall! It was awesome!

So here is the outfit.

 Left-hair comb, Right-armband. Yes these are socks
 This is also a sock

Outfit rundown:
Pink/rose top: thrift store
Blue top: thrift store
purple pants: thrift store
necklace: gift from someone
Pink rabbit accessories: socks i got for easter
Blue rabbit armwarmer: sock that i couldn't find the other one to
pink cyberlox giftwrap thing: bow from walmart
hello kitty ribbon: walmart
black/white horse hairclips: forever 21
Pink curly ribbon hair comb: ribbon i found in a craft box

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Steamlita preparation and life

I'm terribly sorry that i had not posted in a few days. I just got the internet working in my dorm and I've been taking outfit pictures. So I've got a lot to post. Me and my roommates went to the mall on wenesday and i bought a few little things.

In more exciting news there is a steampunk exhibit at the mark twain house in October til January. So the Connecticut lolitas have devised a meetup. Now I've been researching steam punk or steam lolita so i could try to make an outfit out of it. I've got a pretty good idea for an outfit, i'll just have to see how it turns out.
I plan to make it more  steam aristocrat then steam lolita. Even if there is a very pretty skirt from bodyline i want. (in red.)

I have a thing for keys. Any kind that i can get my hands on. I like it. Since there's no brown in the outfit i'll just use the more silvery keys. But i hope it'll still look good.

Outfit worn to class on september 5th
I'm sorry the for the quality of this picture. This is the first picture i took with my mirror in my dorm. The skirt 'bustles' around the hem but since i'm sitting you can't see it. It's black and white striped. The shirt is just a plain black shirt. I'm pretty sure i'm wearing my corset under this otherwise i wouldn't be sitting like that.

Sorry this post is mostly rambling and boring. I'll post more interesting things later.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita.

I've decided to start up again with the 30 day lolita challenge. Day 6 stuff i can't live without while in lolita.

Bloomers!- I admit i don't really wear these in the summertime since it can get pretty hot here. But i love them in the winter since they're so warm and lovely! They are good for the summer for a casual goth look. As pants.

Make up- While my lolita make up and goth make up are the same lolita just wouldn't be the same without it. It's really fun to look at what other have done too.

Accersories- With my blooming love for OTT and deco styles i can't help but love the mass amounts of jewelry. Hairbows hairclips, rings, bracelets, necklaces! I love it all pile it on!

Petticoats- It's just not the same without the poof.

Shoes- My mom knows the extent of my shoe love. Mostly any shoes but especially boots. (Which is why i'm so angry i missed the 1 day post about boots.)

Socks- Doesn't matter which kind over the knee, knee high, or ankle socks. You just need socks for lolita to look right.

Tea!- I'm a lifestyle lolita who loves to go on picnics and have tea parties and make everything a little more pretty. I drank tea before i was a lolita i was probably 10 or so when i started to drink it. I don't think i could live without tea.

Lolita friends- while i've only met two of my ct loli friends in real life. But they were so sweet i don't know what i would do without them. I've talked to the others on our facebook group and i find them so incredibly sweet i can't stand it.

Money- This should be obvious. Of course you can't get pretty any lolita without money.

Inspiration- Without anyone to look at how would we improve? How would anyone know what the style looked like? What would we lust over? I don't know either.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Metamorphose and spongebob

That's an odd combination but they're not related. (They appear in the same post but other then that it's not a post about meta releasing a spongebob/spongebob inspired print.) (but holy shit i would buy that up so quick.)

But no that's not what this is about.  I guess i'll get the spongebob out the way first. So i got music onto dennis (my laptop) and i'm currently playing some of my favorite emilie autumn songs. While i am watching the spongebob movie. But i muted the movie so i could the songs. The funny thing is that the music seems to match pretty well to the movie which makes the movie better and funnier. Cause like what? It's spongebob and Emilie autumn. Oh well it's silly fun.

But the main reason for this post is that ever since i started to look at hello lace i've found a growing love for metamorphose. I never paid much attention to them since i /hate/ their site navigation and didn't like the prints on their site anyways. But oh my god some of their older prints. (or prints not on the site anymore but still this year.) Baby, (frills. ribbons. chiffon.) Angelic Pretty, (cute. little. prints.) Innocent world, (pretty. no. matter. what. they. release. almost.) and now Meta are my favorite brands. I really just want to own all the prints which is silly since it's brand so that would cost me my soul. But a girl can dream can't she?

My favorite prints right now from meta. (i'll try and not post all of their stuff.) In no real order at all.

 Candy star rabbit JSK
This is one of the few dresses by any brand that i want it in more then one colorway. It's just so pretty and the rabbit looks like a marshmellow peep. I love stripes too! It also has a nutcrackery feel to it. To me it does atleast. This also has three skirts in this set. (I'm aware of the third skirt that i found on hellolace but it was the exact same as the second skirt just in two colors instead of four. So i didn't feel the need to post it.)

Princess crown bouquet ribbon JSK
Aside from the weird ish shape of the skirt i love it. Mainly for the reason that the blue flowers in the middle look like squirtle. At a quick glance i always see squirtle for a split second. Making this the coolest jsk to ever exsist. (Except for maybe a real pokemon jsk.)

Happy cake skirt
Holy shit! It's a skirt with a cake castle on it! Yeah i'm pretty sure this has been done before by other brands and other companies. But i would wear this whenever eating cake or my birthday. Or anyone else's birthday. Pretty much any excuse i can get to whip it out. 

March of ducks JSK
I don't even know what this is. Once i saw it once i fell in love with it. Plus it's fucking ducks! Marching! Instant classic print!

Perfume bottle JSK
I like both the skirt version of this and the jsk version. The skirt version would be better with a plain black top for a more casual lolita outfit. While this is more fancy. I don't know why it's just pretty. Perfume bottles are always so pretty. I keep mine so i can line them up. 

Twinkle Journey JSK
I know i posted this here before. But it's really cute and adorable. I just can't help but repeat it. It's so pretty. While this does have a skirt, i don't feel anything for it. I'd probably buy it if it came up, but theres no desire for skirt over jsk.
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