Friday, December 30, 2011

Kawaii Goods lucky pack

Hello everyone.My kawaii goods lucky pack came today! I'd thought i'd show you what i got. I actually lost xavier (my digital camera) so i took these with my webcam. When i find him i'll replace these pictures with much better quality pictures. I got the fairy kei lucky pack.

 The package came in an envelope, which had a box inside of it. The actual items came in this cute plastic bag.   
The entire contents of my pack. Isn't it beautiful.
 Business cards~! I got cards for Kawaii goods, Imperfect kawaii, and Sweetie cakes shop.
 I love this necklace! It's a little twin stars necklace, and it has Kiki and Lala sitting in/on a sundae. It's super cute and i'm sad this was the best picture i could get. It's also full of glitter which is always good.
 Fuzzy rainbow 2 way clip. It's so fuzzy and cute and adorable i just love it. You can't not love it.
 Kawaii goods button. It's just cute deal with it.
Little unicorn button. I'll have to find something to pin these too.

The lucky pack cost 15 dollars and 19 dollars with shipping. It was a good deal since you can usually buy one or two things for that price. They're all good quality and adorable. I would definitely buy from her again. I want a lot of things from her shop.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dragon cave and pokemon

In was on dragon cave lurking around on other peoples scrolls, when i found this dragon.
Shadow Walkers are a strange breed that possess the ability to slip between the planes of reality, becoming immaterial. This allows them hide in the shadows, either hunting from the concealment of near invisibility or evading enemies. Though they become corporeal to mate or to eat, they spend most of the rest of their lives walking in the shadows. Shadow Walkers are wary creatures, though on dark Autumn evenings when the leaves fall to swirl in the chill, rain damp air, they may be seen drifting out from the shadows.

Now this made me think of a certain mascot pokemon for a newly released game.
Yes Reshiram. He's a legendary and also a dragon. He's a dragon/fire type and his pokedex only talks about setting things on fire. So that wouldn't be very helpful for the comparison. The going into other dimensions belongs to dialgapalkia,giratina, and the unowns. I still think they have similar designs and legends about them. Heres a little shameless egg spam for you guys.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The lonely Goth

Hello everyone. I hope you had a fantastic holiday. I've lived my entire life without ever seeing a real life goth before. My highschool was filled with jocks, preps, 'normal' kids, emos, and me. My town is relatively small and really rich. The neighboring towns are definitely less rich than us. According to the internet there is one goth club in a nearby city. I think it got converted into some other mainstream club though. The Lady of the manners suggests you join a mailing list. I've searched this as well but it doesn't exsist anymore as it was run off geocities. As small as my town is they're rather indifferent. I've gotten many stupid comments and only a few things thrown at me. Most of the time no one says anything.  Alright i'll stop moping and give you some tips on how to survive in such places.

  • Plan many picnics in your local cemeteries. 
  • Take lots of pictures or rubbings of some favorite gravestones
  • Buy (or find) candles place them in your room and sit/read/craft/write by the candlelight
  • Get posters of your favorite bands or find pretty pictures put them in frames or hang them up
  • Find fabric, or clothes, in a thrift store cut them up and drape them over things
  • Get all the books you like sit around and read them.
  • Get all your favorite music and blast it (or not i'm not a fan of blasting music.) 
  • When halloween comes around go to the stores and buy up all the decorations. Decorate your room/house to your little black hearts content!
I know theres a few cliches in there but i love them. I hope you have a lovely new year and a lovely winter!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry christmas everyone! I hope you have a wonderful holiday! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to cheer up a bad day!

Picture from love4arts' deviantart.

I don't get bad days that often but when i do it's like death. So i do some things that cheer me up. Heres a few cute ideas to get you in a better mood!

♥ Get dressed up in your favorite outfit. 
♥ Go anywhere to show off how good you look
♥ Go to the dollar store or toy store and buy a crown wear it proclaiming you're a prince/ss.
♥ Eat your favorite food
♥ Go on a walk
♥ Go to a tea shop and order your favorite tea 
♥ Go shopping! (You don't have to spend money.)
♥ Listen to your favorite music loudly.
♥Go to the gym. Endorphins are good for you.
♥ Read a book of your favorite poems or a book by your favorite author.
♥ Make any kind of sweets and enjoy them.
♥ Go to bath and body works (or any similar store) and find a favorite fragrance. (buy it if you can.)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Behold! The almighty cupcake shoes!

Yes as soon as i put up the hiatus sign i had a rush of post ideas. Oh how i hate timing. So heres a cute little post about a pair of cupcake shoes i made at converses' site.

I wrote cupcake shoe on the back. I wanted to write 'The almighty cupcake shoe' but it was too long.
I would wear these shoes with everything all the time. Since i have a habit of wearing boots (for the winter atleast.) so often that by the end of winter they need new insoles because i wore the other ones out. The pair i have right now is uncomfortable because i haven't replaced the insoles and there's almost nothing separating my feet from the ground.

These are 70 dollars and i really want them,but yeah don't have that right now. If you want to buy them then you'd have to recreate them and buy them yourself. Heres what my bar looked like:
I don't care about the design because i can't be the first person to go around with cupcake shoes. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Going to take a nap and drink a cup of tea.

Yes hello everyone. Since it's december and the advent calender is up on neo. I've been going on there. Which made me restart my font site and my bori directory. Also the semester is almost over at school. So i'll be rather busy no matter where i go. So i'm going on a vacation from my blog. Terribly sorry but i didn't want to just disapear off the face of the planet.

I'll be back guys with shiny site material as well!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I can see those you know...

This is a very informal post because i just have to know the reason behind this. (I'm not sure if they were lurkers or followers but just what the hell..?!)

So while i was stalking  casually reading my stats page. I came across these search words for the week.

The mindfuckery  confusion is with the first two keywords. (The last one is a totally normal keyword search.) I really want to know when i mentioned people losing clothes, or bats fucking. (Which that might have been one of my inventive swearing but i try to keep my swearing low here.) 

You know what two people have searched for my blog using those words. TWO WHOLE PEOPLE. Oh google where did you get the idea that my blog has anything to do with those things. (I can only imagine the bat fucking people typing that in, and being hilariously disappointed when directed to a fashion blog.)

That is all...

Rococo Lolita

Hello everyone. I've always loved classic lolita next to gothic it was my favorite style. I didn't really like sweet back then. (If you hadn't noticed the posts on here it got me eventually. :P)

My favorite style of classic is the more rococo inspired dresses. With the right coordination you could appear to have stepped right out of a book. Curly hair piled high up on your head was popular. Maybe with a few curls hanging down. Make up back then was full of lead and mercury (among other ridiculously poisonous metals.) so don't try to be ~*oh so hardcore*~ you'll end up dead. Waists were tiny with the help of tightly laced corsets. Corsets aren't necessary for classic lolita.  

All pictures are from hello lace with dresses from angelic pretty, baby, millefleur, innocent world, and mary magdelene. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cute Geekery

Hi guys, while looking on think geek i found some adorable things on think geek. So heres a quick and pain(less/ful) post of eye candy. It's late and i'm tired so i'll have to give you a fancy post later.

I want this so bad.

I don't own an android but this is too cute to not love!

Pictured is bookworm, but you can get fun ones as: food poisoning, gangrene, mad cow disease, flesh eating disease, ebola, common cold, cough, malaria, and the plague. (plus many others.)

There are about a million use(less/ful) items on their site. Go geeky lolis go!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 29 & 30 Completed lolita challenge!

I'm doing two today because i really wanted to show off my outfit for today. 

Day 29 – A picture of a lolita you would love to meet for real.

She always has the most beautiful coords and seems like a such a sweet heart. I'd just love to go out and have tea with her and go antique shopping.

Day 30 – A photo of yourself taken today and 3 good things that’s happened over the last 30

I've been trying to get into fairy kei for a while now. So heres my outfit for today.
The close up shot of my jewelry isn't loading so this is all you get sorry.
Now for three good things.

1: I went to my second lolita meetup and met two more ct lolis i didn't know before. It was loads of fun.
2: I got my first petticoat! I also posted my outfit to daily_lolita and got compliments instead of flames.
3: I started to exercise to fit into the ap moon night theater JSK, and i'm already seeing results! Yay for healthy living!

Happy love whale is from Cupcake kitty chan.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 28 – A picture of the perfect lolita location.

This picture is from the backyard of two abandoned (at the time not anymore.) houses. This table i found in the back of the house that ended up not getting torn down. They were selling both houses for half a million dollars but i'm not sure what the final price was. Someone bought both houses and tore one down and is currently fixing the other one up. It was December 2010 and was absolutely freezing out. (There wasn't really any snow until January when the state and bunch of other states got hit with six feet of snow.

Anyways i chose this picture because it looks so dreary and beautiful. While not a sweet lolita tea party spot. Definitely a class or gothic spot.  I love decaying things they are so beautiful! I can just imagine what kind of stories those houses had to tell. You could have a lovely tea party here. Find some lovely matching (or mismatching) chairs, silver teapot, and decadently designed teacups. Just amazing.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 27 – One song that fits your favorite lolita style.

She and her darkness by Diary of dreams

I love this song. The dreariness of it makes me feel so quiet. Taken by the perfect piano and the slurry nature of the words. This just makes you listen to the song. Sit in a corner with this song in the dark (or candlelight) and it's just that much more beautiful.

This in my opinion is a perfect gothic lolita song. For dreary stormy days. Winter evenings, or foggy overcast summer days. (These are my favorite types of days fog is so mysterious and misty weather is perfect when it's hot-not muggy-out.) 

Here are the lyrics. I think it's about a breakup, and you know how artistic those songs can get.
My heart weights minimum a ton
An army's feet pounding on my head
Maybe I'll wake up one day to notice
that all my life was just a dream...

And maybe I'll be better off without you
You left me here with all my thoughts
I'd write a zillion words or walk a million miles
I'd sleep on broken glass just not to lose your smiles

I travel for you around the world
Collecting moments, o how absurd
To bring you beauty, to bring you joy
I wish I'd be a little boy

Where is that silence you primised me?
Why is that distance so close to me?
Why is your violence still hurting me?
Why are your eyes avoiding me?

Let me say thank you for all that you have given me.
Thank you for everything you've done.
Forgive me for saying one last thing:
I miss you and I hope you hear this song!

I travel for you around the world
Collecting moments, o how absurd
To bring you beauty, to bring you joy
I wish I'd be a little boy

I'm dying for you, can't you see?
I'm lying for you to be free!
I hunger for you, 'cause I can't eat!
I'd vanish for you in defeat!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The elephant games

Hi everyone. I realized that i meant to do more geeky things then just fashion. So heres a post about my favorite gaming site with my favorite games. Ever since i found armor games a few years ago I've always liked their games. Seemed higher quality nicer layout not as many ads. My favorite games are the elephant games are most definitely my favorite games. They're made by John.

The blue elephant from Elephant quest

All the games focus around a blue elephant. In each of them the elephant has some task to do. Or a lot of tasks to do in achievement unlocked.

In run elephant run the elephant has become so famous that the tour he was on has been extended. So he can't go back to africa to see his wife. His wife was a purple elephant. So the blue elephant runs away from hollywood to see his wife. He has to avoid all sorts of obstacles. It's a very quick game and i don't think I've ever gotten him home.

In this is the only level and this is the only level too the elephant is stuck in a game where there is only one level. He must find the different ways to solve each level. I don't think I've ever beaten either of these games.

In obey the game the elephant is stuck in a world of constantly changing demands. Only getting a coffee break every few levels. There is someone telling him to do things like: deliver, avoid, survive, collect and hide. It's an endless loop game which with every few levels increasing in speed makes it much harder. There really is no completion in this game.

Then we have achievement unlocked and achievement unlocked 2. Which are so much fun to play. I love to play them just for the thrills of completing things. The first game has a similar level style to 'this is the only level' the second games levels are different and that's why they are awesome. In this game you can earn achievements such as: Play the Game = Start the game, Total Confusion = Space bar has no purpose, dummy, Gone in a Flash = Die in less 0.23 seconds, and Meaning of Life = Hit 4-2 in that order. You can read the entire list of achievements for the first game here.

Then we have elephant quest. The most extensive out of all the games. In this game the purple bully wooly stole the elephant bowler hat. So he goes on a quest to get it back. Including fighting lots of monsters with canons. Getting more canons with each side quest completed. Getting minions with canons to help you defeat the bully wooly. Getting balloons to show it to other elephants and to look cute.I have never completed this game but i have gotten to battling the bully wooly.

Then we have some really adorable pieces of merchandise for sale.

Top: Achievement unlocked
Bottom: This is the only level.

General t-shirt design.

Pack of elephant-ness
Including t-shirt, both cups, and a ball revamped ball. another one of his games.
They are so riduclously dumb but that's why i love them. I really want to make a skirt with the elephant on it. He's so cute and i love him. So i hope you liked the "review" i did of these games.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rice to pay for clothes

Hello everyone! A long time ago i found the site free rice. Which is an amazing site and you should all visit it. For every question you get right they donate ten grains of rice to countries which need the food.

So i have put this into terms that i could care about. Take the price of the stuff that i want  multiply it by ten then donate that many grains of rice. So while you still have to pay for the dress someone benefits from the materialism that is lolita.

Or you can do this with anything you want or already bought. I went through my entire bank statement and donated all the rice equal to the amount of money i have spent.

This JSK in wine is my current want. It cost 344 dollars so when you multiply that you have 3,440 grains of rice. Very simple. People get to eat, you get smarter and pretty things. Make sure you disable adblock though so they can pay for the rice.

Have fun!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 26 – Your Facebook profile picture.

Oh dear. This one will be quite silly. Actually the one i have now isn't that bad. It's just me being generally the derp queen that i am.

I had changed it about one or two weeks again. Julie (The lovely turtwig pokedoll on my shoulder.) sits up on my bed so i grabbed her for a quick picture. Before this i took a picture a similar picture of Julie on my head for my friend.

I didn't intend to make it so 'cuddly adorable and lovable.' I was just looking down at her while holding her up with my hair. I still had my hair up and my necklace is this is the least amount of dress you've seen me in! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 25 – Your favorite lolita themed artwork.

I actually had to go looking for cute art because i never go looking for it. I had found a cute little 9 part 'Lolita Stereotypes' art. This one is my favorite about lifestyle lolitas.

I like this because i am half a lifestyler. I loved tea way before i ever knew about lolita. I love girly little crafts. I love picnics and gardens pretty flowers. I love antique furniture and candles. Most of which i loved a long time ago but continued to love when i realized they fit well. I love to write letters as well.

The art is just adorable and strangely accurate. If you do meet a non crazy lolita you must tell me. Since all the ct lolis are absolutely insane. That's why they are awesome. But there are most likely the really hardcore lifestylers who freak everyone else out. Which is where i got numbers nine through eleven of my 'how to be a real lolita' post.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 24 – A picture of you from a meet.

This is a picture from last sunday. I went to a brunch at my friends apartment. We took more pictures but this one was on my xavier so i'll just have to wait to see the others.

Everything is offbrand and from thrift stores. So here are some other pictures from the meet so this post isn't so boring.

 Rebecca eating the cat. They are delicious.
 Us playing 'Text Twist' after we got bored eating.
 The cat! We took so many pictures of the cats i am suprised we got any pictures of the people.
The cat sleeping on me later when we watching Doctor Who.
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