Monday, December 12, 2011

Behold! The almighty cupcake shoes!

Yes as soon as i put up the hiatus sign i had a rush of post ideas. Oh how i hate timing. So heres a cute little post about a pair of cupcake shoes i made at converses' site.

I wrote cupcake shoe on the back. I wanted to write 'The almighty cupcake shoe' but it was too long.
I would wear these shoes with everything all the time. Since i have a habit of wearing boots (for the winter atleast.) so often that by the end of winter they need new insoles because i wore the other ones out. The pair i have right now is uncomfortable because i haven't replaced the insoles and there's almost nothing separating my feet from the ground.

These are 70 dollars and i really want them,but yeah don't have that right now. If you want to buy them then you'd have to recreate them and buy them yourself. Heres what my bar looked like:
I don't care about the design because i can't be the first person to go around with cupcake shoes. 

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