Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The lonely Goth

Hello everyone. I hope you had a fantastic holiday. I've lived my entire life without ever seeing a real life goth before. My highschool was filled with jocks, preps, 'normal' kids, emos, and me. My town is relatively small and really rich. The neighboring towns are definitely less rich than us. According to the internet there is one goth club in a nearby city. I think it got converted into some other mainstream club though. The Lady of the manners suggests you join a mailing list. I've searched this as well but it doesn't exsist anymore as it was run off geocities. As small as my town is they're rather indifferent. I've gotten many stupid comments and only a few things thrown at me. Most of the time no one says anything.  Alright i'll stop moping and give you some tips on how to survive in such places.

  • Plan many picnics in your local cemeteries. 
  • Take lots of pictures or rubbings of some favorite gravestones
  • Buy (or find) candles place them in your room and sit/read/craft/write by the candlelight
  • Get posters of your favorite bands or find pretty pictures put them in frames or hang them up
  • Find fabric, or clothes, in a thrift store cut them up and drape them over things
  • Get all the books you like sit around and read them.
  • Get all your favorite music and blast it (or not i'm not a fan of blasting music.) 
  • When halloween comes around go to the stores and buy up all the decorations. Decorate your room/house to your little black hearts content!
I know theres a few cliches in there but i love them. I hope you have a lovely new year and a lovely winter!


Under_The_Stairs said...

Yeah,I've never meet any fellow goths in real life,either.Seeming as I home school I dont really have a lot of places where I can meet people,though.In fact,pretty much the only thing I do all day ,(other than use the computer), is read,and burn candles,and take pictures haha.

Cali said...

My camera broke so i can really use it anymore, and candles aren't allowed in my college. So i just read a lot.

Obviously we need a meetup.

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