Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween! The most wonderful time of the year! ...Oh wait.

Chandelure by: MayaIdanan on deviantart.

Happy halloween everyone! The best time of the year! Except not really cause i don't like winter. So after my post about alice. I thought up a really cool idea for just walking around (as i have been known to do) or as a cosplay next year.

Cyber Goth Alice Cosplay!
Yeah...It will be awesome. Mostly depending on how much money i have next year or in the next few months.  Since i so don't give you guys enough eye candy here is how i am planning it.

My hair is dark brown so this to cover up my hair.

These colors which i tried to keep with her blonde hair

This dress from anna house

These tights from sock dreams

These combat boots.

While this might be stretching the interpretation of the character a bit far, i still like it. It has the cuteness of lolita with the sexiness of cyber goth. So i'll have to see how things go. I'll probably end up just walking around in this because i can. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Mischief Night!

Hello everyone! Happy mischief night! The night before Halloween! I Thought i'd give you a quick break from the challenge. While it's getting a bit late to get things from the stores (around here most already have christmas things up! Can you imagine? Christmas!) it's never late enough to goth up your surroundings.

So here are some cute and silly things to make every day halloween. (To the fairy kei's/sweet lolitas following i'll give you a post too. It's just close to halloween right now.)

Here are some bat tights for being awesome. I don't know why you'd wear these except for the pure awesome factor.

Bats you can stick on your walls are always popular. A sign for your door is also a cute choice, no matter the season.

Or if you are wanting to look good on halloween or anytime this dress is a good choice. It would look so marvelous with ripped green and black layed fishnets. Some green and black cyber falls and the most awesome make up job ever done. Or some ass kicking boots.I would be all over this dress except it's strapless and i don't have any money.

Heres another sign to go with those bats. Maybe a a vial of blood for when you get thirsty. A blood dripped mug for when you can't be bothered to clean a cup after your last drink.

If you are especially proud of someone special you've killed, why not show off one of their windows to the soul?

I didn't find much for werewolves. Except for a few cute things. Pretty much everything else was about twilight.

Perhaps you could put this up in your bathroom. Pyscho killers always go for the bathrooms. I would totally buy this but i think i would end up burning it for fear of pyscho killers or anything else.

I didn't forget about the people just trying to throw a party and don't want to live it.

Of course these would look cute at any time of year. I totally want these nothing is cuter then those.

Alright i think i might have gone a bit overboard with that. I hope you enjoy you enjoy halloween! 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 21 – Your favorite fictional lolita.

Why Alice from alice in wonderland. Okay i know she's not really a lolita but she has influenced the style a lot. (In the case of alice in the pirates an entire brand!) Yes i have read the book and it just as cute. While it was written for the nerdiest reason possible. I still love it, it even enhances the story. For me atleast.

Alice is cute and possibly has the cutest art ever.
I plan on buying this from anna house.

Does anyone else think this would be the cutest print ever?

If you're wondering why i didn't choose Momoko from Kamikaze girls the reason is simple. I have seen that movie twice and i didn't really care about it. Other then the 'holy fuck is Japan weird.' intital reaction i don't get why so many lolis love this movie. Is it because it's about lolita? It has a badass loli in it? I don't get it. It was an okay movie and i keep watching it to see if it'll get better the more i see it. So since i don't really like that movie i wasn't going to choose her. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 20 – A picture of a lolita friend.

She was on the girls who showed up to my first meet. It was at a coffee shop in my town. Her style is awesome and she is really amazing.

On another little note: Yeah i'm two thirds the way done yay! *flails around* 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 19 – What’s in your make-up bag?

So remember day 10 where i showed you all what's in my bag? Well here is the post that shows you the make up i carry around. 

Make up bag contents:
Black eyeliner
pink lipgloss
pink lipstick
dark red lipstick
purple lipstick
bright as fuck red lipstick
black eyeshadow

My make up bag is almost as exciting as my actual bag. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 18 – A picture of your favorite lolita style.

Gothic lolita of course! I tried to find a picture of bittersweet lolita but i couldn't. So the next best thing is gothic lolita! I love sweet prints but don't really like the pastel puke colors so i prefer black colorways. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gothed up Tuesday and petticoat review!

Why yes i am the queen the derpy faces.

Outfit rundown
Dress: windsor
Tights: forever 21
necklace: thrift shop
hairbow: antique shop
shoes: big shoe store. They're Guess shoes and i didn't realize until i got back to my room. I feel like i'm now part of an elite club or something. 

I got my fan plus friend petticoat today in the mail. So i will do a little review of it.

I ordered it on october 3rd. It was during a sale. The petticoat i ordered was this one in black. It was a holiday so no orders would be looked at until october 5th. According to paypal my money (62 dollars with shipping.) was transfered to them on october 6th. They sent me an email that said the order was received as soon as i placed my order.  I was started to get worried about it showing up but it came.

 It came in a bag. It doesn't say when it was shipped but i don't really care.
 It was inside another plastic bag. Incase of damage. Which thankfully there was no damage on any part of the package.
 It was turned inside out to preserve fluffiness. I smelled it and had no strange odors. (The odor i was smelling i think was my room so that doesn't count.)
 The dress without the petticoat. It does have a small layer of tulle underneath because it's just a dress and not a lolita dress.
 The dress with the petticoat. It was so fluffy i felt like a princess cupcake. I went skipping through my dorm buildings hallways and it was so awesome. I love the feeling of it! It's very soft and comfy to wear.
 The tag. I love the engrish tagline of 'The unique you in the whole world.' it's just so cute!
 Little close up shot. I found no loose threads at all.
 Another close up shot. It's so pretty even if it's supposed to go under your clothes.
 Close up shot with a glare!
The tag inside the petticoat. Threading with gold thread very fancy.

Overall i would buy from them. I do love some of their clothes so i would do business with them. I wish they would've sent me an email when they shipped it. It's the tiniest bit tight but it's bearable. There are no loose threads, funny smells, or construction flaws. It was made of organza with a layer of hard tulle between. It was lined and fully shirred.

Actual product quality: 5/5
Communication: 3/5-I wish they told me when they shipped it out.
Packaging: 5/5
Overall: 4.3/5


Day 17 – What do you want more then anything right now?

Some cyberlox falls. I have wanted these since i knew of their existence. Specifically in these colors.

It will just be awesome because i will get something blue and make a cyber lolita coord out of it. Even if it isn't really a style i still love it. Sorry for all these short posts lately good news is that i'm almost done with this yay!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 16 – Your outfit for the day.

Alright so this is extreme casual goth for me atleast. Oh well we can't look super pretty all the time.

Black vest: some sports store
black jacket: thrift store
Black pants: Levis outlet store
boots: (which you can't see.) I don't know they were a gift
necklace: claires
Shirt: aeropostale from 7th grade.

I have my hair in a pony tail. It's fallen out a lot though.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 15 – A picture of your last lolita purchase.

So i bought this petticoat in black on october 3rd and it still hasn't arrived so heres a stock picture. Just so this isn't such a quick and boring post heres a picture of a pair of shoes i plan on wearing with lolita.
I had bought these from hot topic and yes they are shiny. Fear my rebelion loli gods!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 13 – A picture of your favorite sweets.

I love caramel so much it's the most delicious thing ever. Put in/on anything and it will be awesome. It's just awesome.

That's all i have to have to say. Otherwise it would just be a lot of 'oh my god i love this!' and i don't want to put you through that.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 12 – A picture of yourself before lolita came in to your life.

I've always had a love for frills, dresses, skirts, and other glamorous things. If i wasn't going to be a lolita i would've have ended up a romantigoth. Well that wasn't really the right wording cause i still do dress like that. Here is a picture of me from the last year or so. 

I had gotten home from school and a Job interview. That's what i wore. Trying to be a corpgoth. That's in the bathroom in my house.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 11 – One day in your lolita life in pictures

Hi everyone. I told you i would give you guys a fancy post. I was waiting until my petticoat showed up but it still hasn't. So this is more like my gothic aristocrat day.

 I had woken up at 8:50 and my class starts at nine. So i had to rush this morning. But yeah this is what i sleep on/in. 
 It was raining all day so i had to use my umbrella. It wasn't pleasant weather for class but i only had one class today anyways.
My english class. This was taken after my class cause i had forgotten xavier (my camera) in my room. I didn't want to be a creeper cause there was a class in there.
 Food! This is our meal plan until they get the cafe built and ready.
 Where i spend most of my time.  On dennis (the laptop) ontop of my bed. Yeah that is Getoffegl i was reading. I love everyone there. Julie also chills on my bed.
 I was watching this fact or faked paranormal video tv show. Where they take youtube videos from everywhere that have something ghostly about them and try to prove them wrong. (But sometimes they can't.) 
 I was waiting for the van to come and take me to wal mart. Since it was raining i was waiting inside my apartment building. That's one of the security houses and the other dorm building. Our campus is lovely.
 Halloween section of wal mart! My home! No i needed some things for my gijinka cosplay as slugma.
 My wal mart loot. Nothing special here.
Crafting bottom part of slugma 'ears'.
 My outfit. Oh yes i do love that corset. I tried to look more victorian then usual. I got a few compliments even!
My face! I didn't have my blush with me cause i never use it so i used some pink lip gloss. 

So there's my day. I know it was boring but i went out today. That's more then i usually do. I watch tv, sit on dennis, craft, eat, all day anyways. So i left out the repetitive activities. 
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