Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Mischief Night!

Hello everyone! Happy mischief night! The night before Halloween! I Thought i'd give you a quick break from the challenge. While it's getting a bit late to get things from the stores (around here most already have christmas things up! Can you imagine? Christmas!) it's never late enough to goth up your surroundings.

So here are some cute and silly things to make every day halloween. (To the fairy kei's/sweet lolitas following i'll give you a post too. It's just close to halloween right now.)

Here are some bat tights for being awesome. I don't know why you'd wear these except for the pure awesome factor.

Bats you can stick on your walls are always popular. A sign for your door is also a cute choice, no matter the season.

Or if you are wanting to look good on halloween or anytime this dress is a good choice. It would look so marvelous with ripped green and black layed fishnets. Some green and black cyber falls and the most awesome make up job ever done. Or some ass kicking boots.I would be all over this dress except it's strapless and i don't have any money.

Heres another sign to go with those bats. Maybe a a vial of blood for when you get thirsty. A blood dripped mug for when you can't be bothered to clean a cup after your last drink.

If you are especially proud of someone special you've killed, why not show off one of their windows to the soul?

I didn't find much for werewolves. Except for a few cute things. Pretty much everything else was about twilight.

Perhaps you could put this up in your bathroom. Pyscho killers always go for the bathrooms. I would totally buy this but i think i would end up burning it for fear of pyscho killers or anything else.

I didn't forget about the people just trying to throw a party and don't want to live it.

Of course these would look cute at any time of year. I totally want these nothing is cuter then those.

Alright i think i might have gone a bit overboard with that. I hope you enjoy you enjoy halloween! 

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