Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 11 – One day in your lolita life in pictures

Hi everyone. I told you i would give you guys a fancy post. I was waiting until my petticoat showed up but it still hasn't. So this is more like my gothic aristocrat day.

 I had woken up at 8:50 and my class starts at nine. So i had to rush this morning. But yeah this is what i sleep on/in. 
 It was raining all day so i had to use my umbrella. It wasn't pleasant weather for class but i only had one class today anyways.
My english class. This was taken after my class cause i had forgotten xavier (my camera) in my room. I didn't want to be a creeper cause there was a class in there.
 Food! This is our meal plan until they get the cafe built and ready.
 Where i spend most of my time.  On dennis (the laptop) ontop of my bed. Yeah that is Getoffegl i was reading. I love everyone there. Julie also chills on my bed.
 I was watching this fact or faked paranormal video tv show. Where they take youtube videos from everywhere that have something ghostly about them and try to prove them wrong. (But sometimes they can't.) 
 I was waiting for the van to come and take me to wal mart. Since it was raining i was waiting inside my apartment building. That's one of the security houses and the other dorm building. Our campus is lovely.
 Halloween section of wal mart! My home! No i needed some things for my gijinka cosplay as slugma.
 My wal mart loot. Nothing special here.
Crafting bottom part of slugma 'ears'.
 My outfit. Oh yes i do love that corset. I tried to look more victorian then usual. I got a few compliments even!
My face! I didn't have my blush with me cause i never use it so i used some pink lip gloss. 

So there's my day. I know it was boring but i went out today. That's more then i usually do. I watch tv, sit on dennis, craft, eat, all day anyways. So i left out the repetitive activities. 

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