Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 9 – 10 things you will never do in lolita.

Hmm ten things i will never do in lolita? I'll have to think about that.

1: Hiking. While i love to hike high heels, dainty socks, and expensive clothes don't go well with mud, water, leaves, and dirt.

2: Camping. Pretty much the same as above. If i did bring my lolita clothes (one outfit) i would save it for 'going out to eat' type of day.

3: Swimming. Lolzs what? Who's bright idea was this?

4: Doing any kind of messy painting or messy crafts. Just not a good idea.

5: Baking. Atleast without an apron.

6: Going to a bonfire or sitting around a campfire. Does this need explanation? Fire doesn't go well with most things anyways.

7: Going to the beach. Salt water, sand, mud, and dirt. Yeah not a good idea.

8: Eating ribs. Have you ever eaten ribs before? Unless you want to be super careful not a good idea.

9: Cleaning. Harsh chemicals probably don't mix very well with your favorite dress or skirt.

10: Gardening. While i know this is a very lolita thing to do, i don't want to sit down in the dirt getting all dirty and whatnot with my favorite dress on. (i don't mind the other parts of it i just don't want to get my dress dirty.)

I love doing all of these things. Just not in lolita. (well maybe i don't love cleaning.) I'm going to have to work for my clothes and i don't want to throw them away for some silly stain.

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