Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween! The most wonderful time of the year! ...Oh wait.

Chandelure by: MayaIdanan on deviantart.

Happy halloween everyone! The best time of the year! Except not really cause i don't like winter. So after my post about alice. I thought up a really cool idea for just walking around (as i have been known to do) or as a cosplay next year.

Cyber Goth Alice Cosplay!
Yeah...It will be awesome. Mostly depending on how much money i have next year or in the next few months.  Since i so don't give you guys enough eye candy here is how i am planning it.

My hair is dark brown so this to cover up my hair.

These colors which i tried to keep with her blonde hair

This dress from anna house

These tights from sock dreams

These combat boots.

While this might be stretching the interpretation of the character a bit far, i still like it. It has the cuteness of lolita with the sexiness of cyber goth. So i'll have to see how things go. I'll probably end up just walking around in this because i can. 

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