Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 7 - 10 people who inspire your lolita style

These are people who inspire my style as a lolita. But i'm going to cheat and also do people who inspire my goth style as well. Cause i can and i really don't lurk daily lolita so i don't really have anyone i love.

Aside from being the sweetest girl i know. She always has such cute coords. 

Velvet bat
I love cybergoth and and i love lolita. I just love how you mix those two flawlessly. I love your blog also. Did i mention love...?

Farewell dream
Oh god is this picture creepy. This is from when she went to CTcon and she was a ero/guro/mad alice in wonderland. It's just so haunting and beautiful. 

I love your outfits so much. They're so pretty. I also know you're like the sweetest person. (We have cool people in ct.)

I've never met you before, but i love looking at your coords. (Maybe i just need to go to more meetups then?) 

Victorian Kitty
You always look so stunnning. I'm pretty sure you have mastered the art of looking good no matter your age. 

Adora bat brat
Holy fuck how can anyone not love you? Your make up is always perfect. You're super sweet and adorable. I love your clothes and outfits. I always love your hair whenever you change it. You.Are.Just.Perfect.

You are so beautiful i cannot even describe it. I Just love everything about you.

Black koi
You inspire the 'white frilly very pale colors are so pretty' side of me. I love your lolita outfits and your gyaru outfits. Both are just so beautiful.

Without your goth guide (the blogspot one and the piczo one.) i would've had a much harder time with goth. You are so smart, funny, and pretty i really want to meet you in real life. (even if we do live an ocean apart.)

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