Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gothed up Tuesday and petticoat review!

Why yes i am the queen the derpy faces.

Outfit rundown
Dress: windsor
Tights: forever 21
necklace: thrift shop
hairbow: antique shop
shoes: big shoe store. They're Guess shoes and i didn't realize until i got back to my room. I feel like i'm now part of an elite club or something. 

I got my fan plus friend petticoat today in the mail. So i will do a little review of it.

I ordered it on october 3rd. It was during a sale. The petticoat i ordered was this one in black. It was a holiday so no orders would be looked at until october 5th. According to paypal my money (62 dollars with shipping.) was transfered to them on october 6th. They sent me an email that said the order was received as soon as i placed my order.  I was started to get worried about it showing up but it came.

 It came in a bag. It doesn't say when it was shipped but i don't really care.
 It was inside another plastic bag. Incase of damage. Which thankfully there was no damage on any part of the package.
 It was turned inside out to preserve fluffiness. I smelled it and had no strange odors. (The odor i was smelling i think was my room so that doesn't count.)
 The dress without the petticoat. It does have a small layer of tulle underneath because it's just a dress and not a lolita dress.
 The dress with the petticoat. It was so fluffy i felt like a princess cupcake. I went skipping through my dorm buildings hallways and it was so awesome. I love the feeling of it! It's very soft and comfy to wear.
 The tag. I love the engrish tagline of 'The unique you in the whole world.' it's just so cute!
 Little close up shot. I found no loose threads at all.
 Another close up shot. It's so pretty even if it's supposed to go under your clothes.
 Close up shot with a glare!
The tag inside the petticoat. Threading with gold thread very fancy.

Overall i would buy from them. I do love some of their clothes so i would do business with them. I wish they would've sent me an email when they shipped it. It's the tiniest bit tight but it's bearable. There are no loose threads, funny smells, or construction flaws. It was made of organza with a layer of hard tulle between. It was lined and fully shirred.

Actual product quality: 5/5
Communication: 3/5-I wish they told me when they shipped it out.
Packaging: 5/5
Overall: 4.3/5



lineral said...

I must warn you, I have F+F petti too for like half a year and for first time I was totally amazed too. But today she's kinda.. dead.. :( Care about her, I wish it will be better than mine ^^ (But it still looks awesome, rly! :D)

Cali said...

I'll have to look out for ways to fluff up a petticoat. I hear hanging it upside down and starching it works pretty well. I'll have to try it though.

mitsuyatop said...

Oooh, you could turn it inside out and hang it, I read on lolitafashion.org's forum that it works pretty well, but I'm not sure whether it will work with F+F pettis'.

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