Friday, August 26, 2011

College in a few hours!

Hi guys sorry i haven't posted in a bit. I have been super extremely busy with college stuff and whatnot. Since i'm moving in a few hours. I hope i can get the internet to work in my dorm since they don't have wifi. Yeah i don't know. But i took this picture to show the awesome craziness of my stuff. (which is toned down a lot since i had to fit in those two tubs and the one box.)

It doesn't look bad from the picture. But before i had everything all set it was a mess.

Well i'll see you guys later. When i move into my dorm. Though that hurricane is supposed to hit us so maybe earlier then that?
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 5 – 10 items from your wishlist.

Oh day five. I have been waiting for this one. These are all of my lolita wants in no real order. (lolita wants because this is a lolita challenge. I could fill up a lot more then 10 spots if it was just general wants.)

The worlds most adorable dog and the worlds most delicious frappe print by baby the stars shine bright
I love this print because of the name. It's so silly. How can you not like a print with such a long and ridiculous name?

Dream sky skirt by Angelic pretty
I actually didn't like this print in dress forme. I don't like empire waists. So was i really happy to see that it came in a skirt forme. I think it's adorable. Along with some star jewelry it would the cutest thing.

Sheep garden print by Angelic Pretty
It's just too cute. Sheep are adorable and along with goats have a weird love relationship with them. Oh well i think it's adorable just plain cute.

Candy fairy by Angelic pretty
I also really love this in bluexpink and deciding which color scheme to get will probably be the hardest thing. But it's so pretty. The pink tulle against the black and the details along the hem. Oh it's just so pretty.

Felicia crown jsk by Innocent world
I want this so i can wear a mini crown with it. Perhaps some pearls and other pretty jewelry. This just seems so pretty and dainty. 

Lotta jsk by Innocent world
I want this dress so badly i will kill someone for it. (You've all had those dresses. Don't lie i know you have.)
The second i saw this print i fell in love with it instantly. While it doesn't come in black this blue is just as pretty. There are two matching headbows which i would wear. Mostly likely at the same time if i could get it to look right. While i'm not one for very matchy matchy coords i think i might have to spring for the socks as well. Since they are too adorable!

Ribbon chandelier jsk by metamorphose
It's just so pretty and cute. How could you not like this jsk?  

Twinkle Journey op by Metamorphose
This is just so adorable. It has unicorns on the hem who also had a picnic in the moonlight in a field of flowers. With the meta swans. This print is too adorable.

Wonder cookie op by Angelic pretty
The black version makes it seem more neon and vegas-y. With the card suit cookies and whatnot. But i still love it no matter what. 

The innocent world lotta print jsk byul doll.
A doll forme for my favorite iw print ever. Let me repeat. A DOLL FORME OF MY FAVORITE IW PRINT EVER! I will totally be one of those crazy people who creates a house for her and everything. (but i already do that with anything else.) I want this so badly it's crazy. It's just so pretty and adorable and lovely. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.

Well this should be easy since i love all types of food. Well most types of food.

French onion soup 
 Mac and cheese
Cream of broccoli soup
  Sweet potatoes
Pumpkin pie
Gummy worms

Day 3 – 10 things you hate in lolita.

The price
I really hate how expensive everything is. I know people say 'get over it lolita is an expensive hobby' but really? My mom thinks i'm insane ever since i got into lolita for squeeing over a skirt that is only 141 dollars. (sheep garden by angelic pretty if you're wondering.)
The mean-ness
Now this is a less hate that some other things i could've put here. But i really just hate how people are mean to each to other. Is it that bad of thing if someone ask the same question for 12587469254615836216124692462nd time? Or if their coord is off? I see no reason why people are so mean to each other.
The internet based-ness of it
Okay i don't like how you mostly talk to people on line. I don't like how the shops (unless you're in Japan.) are online. I don't like the shipping costs. I'm just annoyed with the whole online way of lolita. Though it is what made the fashion more accessible.
The lack of real stores
Like they built it from bricks kind of store. Theres not even any sanrio stores where i live. (most of them closed.) the closest thing i have is that claires right now is carrying some hello kitty stuff. (it's about 10 or so different things.) I would love to have any lolita shop open up in ct. Even though i know that's a long shot, but i can dream can't i?
In the summertime socks, bloomers, shirt, and jsk just isn't very cool. It's very warm actually. /shotforbadjoke
looking at things on lower shelves while shopping
I hate to squat down to look at things cause i don't want to flash my panties. (which i know that's why you were bloomers.) I also hate bending over to look at things. 
The drama
I guess this goes with 'the mean ness' above but i just don't like how obvious trolls go and disrupt EGL because they can. It's more fun to read about on getoffegl but other then that i can't see why. I think we'd be better off without annoying people.
The care
I don't like how some brand prints bleed at the drop of water. While once i get some brand i will take care of it correctly. It doesn't mean i'm not annoyed that i just can't throw it in the washer. 
I don't like being passed off as a crazy fan when i get to the 'it's a fashion from Japan...' part of my explanations. You don't have too be an insane fan of everything Japanese to love lolita.
I /hate/ that people assume things about you. Since i'm a goth/loli people take what they think they know about goth and what they think they know about lolita and mix them together. I don't think i hate anything more then having creepy guys hit on me. Offer me a cigarette. Try to buy me a drink. Or anything really that i don't want.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 2 – 10 things you love about lolita

Picture from hellolace

Hmm what don't i love about lolita? Well that's another post actually. But today is positive as these are things are i love in lolita!

The prints. 
I can't help but love the prints brands (and non brands like bodyline and anna house.) come up with. I have recently fallen in love with baby's print from 2008 THE WORLD'S MOST ADORABLE DOG AND THE WORLD'S MOST DELICIOUS FRAPPE PRINT OP. But more on that dress later. I love all the deer and candy, and dogs, and kittens, and teacups, and other great things. They're just too cute to ignore. Also flowers i'm a big fan of flowers on my dresses/skirts. 

The hairstyles
I just love the hairstyles people come up with. I'm not talking about wigs cause i don't really care about them. But just the styles that are made out of imagination. I love any hair that is teased out, curled, or dyed. (not a wig.) Or a combination of all of them or a few. 

The layers
This is also a dislike beause it is quite impractical in the summer. But in the winter/fall/early spring it's awesome. I just love to dress up with socks, shoes, hair, petticoats, dress, make up. It makes me feel so pretty and princessy. I can't help but love all the work that goes into the outfits. Everythings just so perfect.

The people
While i have met some pretty nasty people. Most of them are super sweet. I'm super happy to live in ct because the girls here are amazing. I could not ask for sweeter girls. As long as you know what you're asking and know it hasn't been asked before. The people on egl can be very helpful/nice.

The details
I love all the details that go into a dress. The lace, the bows, the frills. All on one dress i don't care. I love it all. 

The imagery
I love the idea of having teaparties in a garden on a bright sunny day. (and also doing that.) Or playing croquet  (which i would love to learn how to play.) on the lawn. Or just having a teaparty inside. I love cakes and cookies and cream puffs. Such adorable little things that i just adore.

The creativity
While i know lolita has a lot of rules compared to other fashions. I still love how people can make it so creative even with those rules. I love all the coords and accessories and things people come up with. It just makes me so happy to such imagination.

It makes you stronger
Now i already had practice in ignoring stupid questions and stupid people, from wearing my goth clothes. But i do think that dressing up as a cupcake and then going outside takes a lot of confidence. (which i didn't really have before goth or lolita.)

Being unique
Unless you live somewhere filled with tons of alternative people.(unlike me.) Then chances are you're pretty unique in your town. You don't see a lot of people walking around in baby in my town. (and by a lot i mean none. My town has known three types of people, the 'normal' type, the emo kids, and me.) I've always liked being the only one around with such a cute style.

Learning new things
I love how you can learn so many cool things from lolita. Like how to tie a bow, how to tell is lace is good. My sewing skills have improved a lot. I make accessories like mad now. I try out different hairstyles.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 1 – 10 things about your lolita bubble.

Hello i have decided to particpate in the 30 day lolita challenge! Bubble refers to your lolita world. Just things about you.
One-My favorite style is gothic. (as i was already a goth before becoming a lolita.) If a print comes in black it's most of the time for me. I love gothic classic, gothic sweet, gothic in general. I absolutely love the way Angelic Pretty has been going. All those dresses with layers and layers of frills and bows. All in black. They're my new favorite brand. (Next to Innocent World.) I have no idea when ap turned so goth but it's like a dream for me. (I can even fit into their dresses too.)

Two-I love to wear non-lolita shoes with my lolita clothes. I own lots of boots and sneakers and shoes. Whenever i look for new boots to buy i think if i can work it into a coord. My favorite shoes are boots. (just below the knee, mid calf, and ankle.) I also love the style of mary-janes. But like platform. With big chunky heels. I'm rather short (5'1) and i'm way to often to be much younger then i am. (I have gotten everything from being 14 to a max of being 16. Which i'm 18.) Which is rather annoying so i love heels to make me taller. ^.^ I don't suggest driving in them though. It's pretty diffucult.

Three-I love love love love my ct lolitas. Without them i would've been this scared newbie forever. Scared to try anything that isn't approved by EGL. I certainly wouldn't have such a renewed love for the fashion without them. While i haven't been to any meetups yet i just love them for helping me feel less afraid. As someone told me (i can't remember who.) 'We don't care what you wear as long as you feel ~*fanceh*~ wearing it.'

Four-While i'm not a lifestyle lolita (though i'd love to be.) i do love to have cute and frilly things around me. When i move into my dorm i'll do a before/after shot of my desk/bed area. My bedroom currently is very non lolita and even very non goth. My walls are bright green and on the walls are all sorts of silly things i love. (oh god and if you saw my bathroom. Wow you'd be surpised.)

Five-While i'm on the older side of lolita i plan on not growing up anytime soon. I'll still buy animal bags to tote things around in. (most likely in bat shape.) I'll dress as sweet as i want. Until i'm old enough that you can tell i'm no longer 18. (which will be a while as i can still pass for someone who's 15.)

Six-My sewing skills have greatly improved. I haven't tried making a skirt yet, but as soon as my sewing machine is fixed i'd love to try. But i have made a few pairs of gloves, countless hairbows, and i'm in the middle of making a bonnet/hat. Without lolita i'd have nothing to do late at night when i want to mom to think i'm sleeping but i'm not. (also for extra goth points i craft by candlelight.)

Seven-While i may be in a lot of rage/gossip communities i almost never post in them. Mostly just a lurker. I /love/ to read bad things that happen. Or just stupid people being stupid and causing WTF reactions from everyone. That makes me sound like a bitch lolita but i don't care. Don't judge people off of something they said. Base it off numerous occasions in which they said something dumb.

Eight-I really love the 'prince/ss charming' idea that all lolitas have. Someone to whisk them off feet with such romanticism you have no choice but to accept. If you ask me i am such a hopeless romantic it seems stupid. Yesturday i texted my friend that we should have a candlelight picnic in a cemetery or a park. (i added the park option incase she's not okay with cemeteries.) In which we can sit under the stars on my nightmare before christmas blanket. Cuddling in the moonlight. If that's not hopefully romantic i sure don't know what is. (If you're wondering she replied that it would be awesome and we should do it as soon as we can.) 

Nine-I dream of becoming so good at sewing loli skirts that i could sell them on etsy. They're just so pretty i can't help but want to help other girls look just as pretty. It would be a special line of geeky things. (in my mind.) From the elephant games to pokemon to song quotes to book quotes. Just everything and anything i could think of. They would come in stylish colors such as black. (and maybe other ones too.)

Ten-I don't like bell shaped skirts or petticoats. The skirt/op/jsk looks constrained to me. Like someone said to it 'No you can't be all flared and pretty you must stick to these rules about how far you can poof.' Something just looks wrong with the designs. That said of course i like A-line petticoats skirts/op/jsks much better and plan on owning some as soon as i get a job and stop being so poor. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cosplay inspired lolita

This was a 'cosplay lolita done right' idea i had a while ago. I dressed up as Skymin (shaymin sky forme.) since it's one of my favorite pokemon. Now since 'Cosplay lolita'  usually brings to mind very bad disturbing images. I'm calling it 'Cosplay inspired by lolita.' Which is different as you will see. I did this at the daffodil festival at the end of april. My mom was the photographer for most of the pictures and i wish i could've gotten one of my friends but oh well. I'd like to blame my mom for some of the pictures but i can't blame her for my bad modeling poses.

The funniest thing about this picture is that before taking it while i was walking to this tree a guy and his friends yelled at me 'Hi shaymin!' i waved back because skymin is very friendly. It made my day.

So there you go i plan on much more of these 'cosplay inspired lolita' outfits. I actually did have white socks but i fell in some mud since it had been raining before and i took them off.

Outfit rundown:
Hat-Marshalls-painted/earified by me
Scarf-forever 21
cardigan-my mom
armwarmers-socks that i cut holes in for my fingers
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