Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 4 – Name a stereotype or cliche you can relate to.

Bad poetry and graveyard picnics.

Okay my poetry is not bad. I'm not saying that as a general defense either.Most people who hear my poetry (or read it) think it's very good. Most of mine isn't on the internet it's in notebooks. But i found two on my facebook that are relatively good. One's about me be a stalker in anime club (but not as creepy as another one i have in the blue rsnn.)

Take a breath 
You can stare all you want 
but that doesn't make it true 
you can wish 
all you want 
But that doesn't make it real 
You can whisper it in the dark loudness 
but it'll never be heard 
No matter how hard you try you'll never be 
With the one you truly want 

Yeah. Graveyard picnics are one of my favorite things to do. Just walk through gaveyards. Sit and talk to them. Especially Elias. You guys probably don't know Elias so refer to this picture. For christmas one year my dad got a nightmare before christmas throw blanket. I use it for my picnic adventures. I used to have a real picnic basket until i lost it. Now i use a suitcase my grandma used to use. Until she died then when we were cleaning out her house i fished it out of the dumpster. I use it for vacations too. Like even on a plane. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 3 – When did you come out the Goth closet?

I never flat out told my family that i was a goth. During the summer with my cousins when we were playing apples to apples in their camper this girl (who i'm not sure how she's related to me.) asked me if i was a goth. I said yes to that. It was really weird because i don't bring much black clothes down to south carolina in July. At that moment i was wearing a bright green writers block shirt from highschool, and these pjs with yellow ducks on them. (with a baby blue background and bubbles.) (fear my gothiness!) So it was more of a random question then anything.

I've decided to keep the giveaway open until March 1st. Then i'll pick a winner.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The lovely giveaway!

Hi guys. It's time for a giveaway! Yay! Heres the awesome list of prizes. (All going to one person though.)

Black/white striped thigh high socks from hot topic
Hair bow from a antique store
Rainbow wire heart necklace from claires
White wrist cuffs from claires

How to enter:
Comment on here with your favorite thing to do in spring, and any brand (or indie brand) releases you're excited for! (If you don't pay any/much attention to brand then talk about a meetup or other event you're excited for.)

Optional things to do if you love me:
Post to your own blog
Post to facebook/twitter/tumblr

I know my followers are a rather quite bunch and rarely comment. I love you guys anyways. If you don't comment on this post then you can't enter and then you can't win. So comment away my lovelies!

If you don't like what's being given away then i have some options for you:
1: Don't enter
2: Enter but sell the things you don't like

and no there aren't enough shiny pixels
 in this post

Monday, February 20, 2012

An endless supply of rant and pictures.

Hi guys sorry for being so dead around here. Well i'm here to supply you with some lovely pictures. The giveaway things! Yay! It was a hard descision to find things you guys might like because i don't really know any of you. I hope you like them.

On thursday i went around collecting bottles so nothing fancy.
Les mis cast shirt from highschool, and some baby pink pants. oh yeah.

The next day i went down to the highschool to collect more bottles and this was what i wore to the bottle return place. People were surprised that i looked so normal but i don't want to get bottle/can ick on my clothes.

Book club shirt and black pants

Then today i went to the mall, because my mom said she would drive me. I got all dressed up in Wonder cookie. I've worn it a lot since i've bought it, but heres actual proof i own it. 

And heres a boob  necklace shot since you can't see it above.  

Now for the part all of you care about. It took me a long time to find good things. The bittersweet theme was actually much harder then i thought. It would've been easier for full on goth, or classical lolita. Whatever i found these things.

A black bow i found in a thrift store
Thigh high black/white striped socks from hot topic
Rainbow wire heart necklace from claires
White wrist cuffs from claires.

I totally love those wrist cuffs and might have to go back to get my own pair. I'll make a separate post for the giveaway so you're not linking to a random post of some of my outfits. Whoot! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 2 – Share photos and experiences from your Baby Bat days.

Umm i'm not sure if/how many pictures i have. I don't have any pictures of my real babybat days because i didn't own a camera. I didn't own a camera until i was a Junior and got xavier. I'm not sure if any actually got onto the internet.

I searched facebook for these so here you go. Fear my derpiness!
January 24th, 2008
At a sweet sixteen for one of my friends.
June 20th, 2010
Bad wecam picture using my step brothers now dead mac.
October 18, 2010 
Photography project. 
August 6th, 2010
Everyone has these kinds of pictures in their life. Except i'm smiling that's not very goth of me. XP
June 23rd, 2011
The all night grad party we had. I was wearing something more goth at graduation (which you could totally see under my white robe.) but since i was going to be there until 4 am (you literally could not leave until then.) i decided to be comfy. That's one of my friends aren't i attentive?

August 6th, 2011
At a zoo in south carolina with a bird on me head. I wasn't posing though my first reaction was to swat at it then i realized that wasn't a good idea. 

November 18th, 2011
Sitting on my bed at school pretending to be a model. I know this isn't the most recent picture but deal with it.

So there you go. I ended doing another day but i'll just skip over that when i get to it. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 1-How'd you discover the subculture

Hi guys while i search for/buy the giveaway i'm going to start the 30 day goth challenge. It's been a while since i did one. Some of the days have very short answers (a two lettered word containing the letters n and o) i'll just combine those days. This day is how did i discover the subculture.

When i was a small child walking around the mall with my mom, i saw two maybe mall goths maybe real goths. I pointed at them and told my mom i was scared of them. My mom comforted me saying how they were just people and there was no need to be afraid. A while later when i was in 4th grade (2003), i was looking through those pixel doll sites, when i saw the beautifully gothic dolls. (a medieval goth look.) I was talking to one of my friends on aim about becoming goth and she said they were weird, but i didn't think so. A very long time later when i was a Junior in highschool i was starting to actually look goth, with my slowly growing black wardrobe and bad babybat makeup. The makeup wasn't that bad as i remember but i don't have a very good memory. No black lipstick though. In the gaps it was completely ignored. It took a while but i finally got into it. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

More talking.

Hi guys. Since only one person commented on the post specifically asking for opinions, we'll have to go with that option. It was said that i should go with lolita items. I will because when you have no competition it's easy to win. Since i couldn't decide on which type of lolita things to give away i finally settled on bittersweet items.

I'm going to go shopping tomorrow so i'll see what i find.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

20 followers give away ideas!

Hi guys. I'm so close to getting 20 followers. Yay! So i've been thinking for awhile about doing a giveaway for awhile now. I'm not sure what to giveaway. A lot of little things? A few bigger things?

So i'm asking all of you of what you would like to win. Since you'll be doing the winning i want it to be things you  want.

Gothic items (necklaces, rings, bracelets, make up, hair things.)
Lolita items (hairbows, socks, rings, necklaces.)
Fairy kei items (hair things, socks, tights, a t shirt, necklaces, rings, bracelets.)
Gyaru items (eyelashes, make up, jewelry, tights.)

Or a mixture of these, or i post a big pile of these things and it's more of a lucky pack type thing. Thanks for your help! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February montly theme

Hi guys. I'm here for the montly theme. Which is rings. I don't wear any rings at all. When i do i just play with it all day until i take it off and leave it somewhere. I have recently acquired a ring so why not post it.

It's a sweet/fairy kei lollipop ring. I got it as a freebie when i ordered my wonder cookie skirt. I think it's cute and wear it sometimes but have no real use for it. Not to say i can't drool over some gorgeous rings i see i Just won't wear them. I took this picture under a stairway i'm happy how bright it turned out.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fucking Deer!

As you guys know deer are one of my favorite lolita motifs. They are so fucking cute. How can anyone resist them? Well probably a lot of people can but i can't. While we might technically have one or two months left of winter. I'm going to celebrate spring time now with a list of the some of the deer prints i found.

Lotta print skirt by innocent world
You already know my opinion on this.

10th anniversary innocent world skirt by innocent world (i'm not sure on the official name.)
A new high want for me. It has deer and rabits eating cake how is that not amazing?!

Delft lotta skirt by innocent world
They have the best deer prints.

Milky-chan of the fawn by Angelic pretty
I like this better then the print skirt cause it's super busy and this is more classically sweet.

Tales of the wood by Metamorphose
This is so cute! How did this come out in 2011? I never saw it. I need this in my life. 

Bambi print by Emily temple cute
This would be cut if it wasn't for the foxes.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gyaru out shopping.

Okay maybe shopping is not the right word. Since me and my mom had gone to church this morning and then we stopped at a few antique stores. There wasn't anything else we did throughout the day why not write shopping.

the only good picture i could get of my make up.

 My outfit.

 I actually forgot to take these pictures until we got home so i'm wearing slippers in this picture. Oh well. I was wearing knee high black boots before.

Outfit rundown
Shirt: thrift store
Pants: a gift from my dad
Necklaces (i'm wearing two it's hard to see though.): rue 21
shoes: bass

Tomorrow i have my placement test for my college for this semester even though it's already started. Classes started up on the 20th. I'll be in gyaru as well because i was already seen in lolita there. 

Friday, January 20, 2012


Hi guys. I got my camera today. I named her amanda. Now i can take plenty of fun pictures. I've been working on it all morning actually. So get ready for some fun picture posts, because i can actually take them. She has sound in her videos as well so i can take some videos. For now enjoy this gif of Julie dancing in the snow. I'll give you a shiny post later.

Click for dancing snapping turtle

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bittersweet lolita

Hi guys. I've been meaning to write this post for a while now. I've been super busy, since i failed two of my classes at my school. My mom won't pay for me to retake them. (they were one of my english classes and my math class.) So now i'm going to go to a  community college down in a city near me. Of course since i lived at school i'll have to move out now. Which is what we're planning on doing today. I lost xavier (my digital camera) a while ago so this would be awesome for a photo posts, but i can't give you that since i lost him. Oh well. Onto the post.

I want this print so bad.

Bittersweet lolita is one of the substyles of lolita. It's darker then sweet but sweeter then gothic. It mainly uses sweet prints with black as the main color, or part of the print. PinkxBlack is a very popular colorway, but it can be any color mixed with black. Some brands (and bodyline) have released prints in a black colorway. Angelic pretty is one of the most popular, metamorphose, and baby. I like it because i'm not stuck  between the 'throw up rainbow pastel' sweet and the 'beautifully decadent' gothic pieces. I can have the sweet prints i adore while still being adorable. I also have much more black clothes than any other color so i can coordinate the prints as well. It's really useless if you have a lot of sweet prints but completely unable to coordinate them. It's not a very popular substyle but i like it. If you like it then it doesn't matter how popular it is. 

Heres the daily_lolita bittersweet tag so you can look at all the prettiness. Bodyline also has a good assortment of bittersweet clothes.

Clockwork tea party
Dream sky
Perfume bottles
Popping balloons
Sheep garden
Unico in bloomland

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lolita in the city!

I found this picture from google images but this is the site that the picture linked to.

Hello everyone. On Saturday i got my wonder cookie skirt. If xavier wasn't lost then i would fill this post with how pretty it is. Oh well i'm sure as soon as i buy another one i'll find him. That's always the way it works. So today i decided to dress up and go down to the city. Even if there is not a god damn flake of snow on the ground it was still rather cold out. Not very windy which is good. I missed having layers and layers and layers of clothes on. By bus it takes about an hour to get to there. Which isn't so bad. I brought a good book with me. (The big bad wolf by James Patterson.) I went to a little cafe/bookshop and enjoyed the sights of new construction. The cafe is right across the street from some construction they've been doing forever it's not attractive. I had a lemon coconut scone and a cappuccino. They were delicious. 

I got a few compliments on my skirt even! Oh wonder cookie who can't you impress? I got stopped by three homeless people asking if i had any change. I felt really bad for them because i didn't. I wasn't lying either, i used a bus pass to get down and was using my debit card. I guess that's what you get for dressing elaborately. I didn't stay long i got on the 3:10 bus back home. So maybe it was two hours? Excluding travel time. The bus was packed too. I had a seat until about fifteen or so minutes into the trip, when an old guy on the bus so i stood up for him. The bus was so packed a lot of people had to keep standing when they got on. I didn't get to sit for the rest of the ride. My feet killed by the time i got home. Petticoats aren't good for buses either they take up a super amount of space.

Here are a few tips for traveling in lolita just to make this less boring.

  • Know where you're going and what type of place it is. 
  • Traveling in daylight is best especially in winter where it dark earlier. If you're not driving you should probably get home before it gets dark. 
  • Be courteous on the bus, train, subway, whatever. Hold your petticoat to stop it from overtaking seats.
  • Be smart about where you're walking. I stay in the downtown area because that's where i know and i won't get lost.
  • Carry something like pepper spray or a small knife for protection. I joke that platform stilettos would always work in a pinch but try to be more prepared then that.
  • What's ever in your wallet is much less important then your life. If things get really serious just give them the wallet. You can replace everything that's in there and you'll be happy to have walked away with your life.
So yes while i know that most of these are kind of obvious. It's still important. So don't be an idiot when traveling because i'm pretty sure that you guys aren't. Have fun!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

So much cute!

Hello everyone. I had just found this great community on livejournal. It's pixel peach.
You can find all sorts of completely free pixels for use anywhere. You need to join the comm to see any posts so if you don't have an lj either get one, or deal with it. Here's a few that i love!

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