Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The lovely giveaway!

Hi guys. It's time for a giveaway! Yay! Heres the awesome list of prizes. (All going to one person though.)

Black/white striped thigh high socks from hot topic
Hair bow from a antique store
Rainbow wire heart necklace from claires
White wrist cuffs from claires

How to enter:
Comment on here with your favorite thing to do in spring, and any brand (or indie brand) releases you're excited for! (If you don't pay any/much attention to brand then talk about a meetup or other event you're excited for.)

Optional things to do if you love me:
Post to your own blog
Post to facebook/twitter/tumblr

I know my followers are a rather quite bunch and rarely comment. I love you guys anyways. If you don't comment on this post then you can't enter and then you can't win. So comment away my lovelies!

If you don't like what's being given away then i have some options for you:
1: Don't enter
2: Enter but sell the things you don't like

and no there aren't enough shiny pixels
 in this post


Cathy said...

Among my favorite things to do in spring are: go to the large Ren Faire about 60 miles from where I live, go for a walk on a perfect day (shaded by my favorite parasol), and breathe in the Spring scented air.

I'm excited about Spring Break (I'm taking a trip with my Mom, Dad and half-sister), excited about Prom (I'm a high school teacher and I love to see my students all dressed up), graduation (seeing another class leave the nest and take off on their own), class reunion (I love getting to see my high school friends every 5 years and getting to spend some time 'back home').

Anne said...

I'm going to do all three because I'm awesome! XD

Favorite things to do in spring is probably finally being able to wear dresses again! It's so cold that I'm bound to wearing turtlenecks and long pants all winter, and being able to wear dresses is amazing! <3. Another favorite thing is lambs! I co-own a little sheep farm and the ewes lamb in spring. Lambs are so cute (any theme ideas for lamb names this year, by the way? We're looking for suggestions =D ) and they're adorable when you first let them out on pasture. They're like, "Grass? What it this? And why is it so AWESOME?".

Brand-wise I do a lot of checking for sales! The TaoBao shops are really nice that way. I really like a lot of the Infanta and Kidsyoyo things!

For a meetup, I'm excited for a cosplay/Lolita convention in July! I hope to go one day in Lolita and the other couple of days wearing a Lady Thor costume that I'm working on. I've always wanted to go whack things with a foam hammer, and I think I've found a chance for it! XD

. . . wow, I use way too many exclamation points. IGNORE THEM! =D

ReineDeLaSeine14 said...

Well hello! I'm looking forward to moving this spring and having more time to photograph my dolls outside!

TheHeianPrincess said...

Yay! I've blogged about it here (http://theheianprincess.weebly.com/1/post/2012/02/yay-giveaway.html) and will leave my comment now! My favourite things to do in spring are to ditch the coat, thank God!, wear nicer clothes and to enjoy going out more places, such as tea rooms and shopping.

To be honest, I'm actually looking forward to Bodyline restocking their clothes! I really want thw Clockwork OP in grey and the Carousel JSK in black but they've been out of stock for ages! D:< Anyway, good luck to everyone! ^^

TheMottledSculpin said...

My favorite thing to do in the spring is go for walks and just spend time outside! I also love opening my windows and letting the breeze come in. I miss that in the winter.

I'm looking forward to tekkoshocon, which is an anime convention in Pittsburgh at the end of March. It'll be my first one ever and I'm attending with my boyfriend. It'll also be the first time I wear lolita outside of my house! @u@

☆May said...

I can't wait to go to the next "Japan Expo" in Paris ! I really hope to meet a lot of new lolitas ! ♥ I'm just hoping for the train to be not so expensive than last year...
Thank you !

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