Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 1-How'd you discover the subculture

Hi guys while i search for/buy the giveaway i'm going to start the 30 day goth challenge. It's been a while since i did one. Some of the days have very short answers (a two lettered word containing the letters n and o) i'll just combine those days. This day is how did i discover the subculture.

When i was a small child walking around the mall with my mom, i saw two maybe mall goths maybe real goths. I pointed at them and told my mom i was scared of them. My mom comforted me saying how they were just people and there was no need to be afraid. A while later when i was in 4th grade (2003), i was looking through those pixel doll sites, when i saw the beautifully gothic dolls. (a medieval goth look.) I was talking to one of my friends on aim about becoming goth and she said they were weird, but i didn't think so. A very long time later when i was a Junior in highschool i was starting to actually look goth, with my slowly growing black wardrobe and bad babybat makeup. The makeup wasn't that bad as i remember but i don't have a very good memory. No black lipstick though. In the gaps it was completely ignored. It took a while but i finally got into it. 

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