Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bittersweet lolita

Hi guys. I've been meaning to write this post for a while now. I've been super busy, since i failed two of my classes at my school. My mom won't pay for me to retake them. (they were one of my english classes and my math class.) So now i'm going to go to a  community college down in a city near me. Of course since i lived at school i'll have to move out now. Which is what we're planning on doing today. I lost xavier (my digital camera) a while ago so this would be awesome for a photo posts, but i can't give you that since i lost him. Oh well. Onto the post.

I want this print so bad.

Bittersweet lolita is one of the substyles of lolita. It's darker then sweet but sweeter then gothic. It mainly uses sweet prints with black as the main color, or part of the print. PinkxBlack is a very popular colorway, but it can be any color mixed with black. Some brands (and bodyline) have released prints in a black colorway. Angelic pretty is one of the most popular, metamorphose, and baby. I like it because i'm not stuck  between the 'throw up rainbow pastel' sweet and the 'beautifully decadent' gothic pieces. I can have the sweet prints i adore while still being adorable. I also have much more black clothes than any other color so i can coordinate the prints as well. It's really useless if you have a lot of sweet prints but completely unable to coordinate them. It's not a very popular substyle but i like it. If you like it then it doesn't matter how popular it is. 

Heres the daily_lolita bittersweet tag so you can look at all the prettiness. Bodyline also has a good assortment of bittersweet clothes.

Clockwork tea party
Dream sky
Perfume bottles
Popping balloons
Sheep garden
Unico in bloomland

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MissVermilion said...

I love Sweet Lolita but being covered in pastels don't suit me at all.That's why I prefer black sweet prints most of the time,is my favorite choice!

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