Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gyaru out shopping.

Okay maybe shopping is not the right word. Since me and my mom had gone to church this morning and then we stopped at a few antique stores. There wasn't anything else we did throughout the day why not write shopping.

the only good picture i could get of my make up.

 My outfit.

 I actually forgot to take these pictures until we got home so i'm wearing slippers in this picture. Oh well. I was wearing knee high black boots before.

Outfit rundown
Shirt: thrift store
Pants: a gift from my dad
Necklaces (i'm wearing two it's hard to see though.): rue 21
shoes: bass

Tomorrow i have my placement test for my college for this semester even though it's already started. Classes started up on the 20th. I'll be in gyaru as well because i was already seen in lolita there. 

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