Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cosplay inspired lolita

This was a 'cosplay lolita done right' idea i had a while ago. I dressed up as Skymin (shaymin sky forme.) since it's one of my favorite pokemon. Now since 'Cosplay lolita'  usually brings to mind very bad disturbing images. I'm calling it 'Cosplay inspired by lolita.' Which is different as you will see. I did this at the daffodil festival at the end of april. My mom was the photographer for most of the pictures and i wish i could've gotten one of my friends but oh well. I'd like to blame my mom for some of the pictures but i can't blame her for my bad modeling poses.

The funniest thing about this picture is that before taking it while i was walking to this tree a guy and his friends yelled at me 'Hi shaymin!' i waved back because skymin is very friendly. It made my day.

So there you go i plan on much more of these 'cosplay inspired lolita' outfits. I actually did have white socks but i fell in some mud since it had been raining before and i took them off.

Outfit rundown:
Hat-Marshalls-painted/earified by me
Scarf-forever 21
cardigan-my mom
armwarmers-socks that i cut holes in for my fingers

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