Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 1 – 10 things about your lolita bubble.

Hello i have decided to particpate in the 30 day lolita challenge! Bubble refers to your lolita world. Just things about you.
One-My favorite style is gothic. (as i was already a goth before becoming a lolita.) If a print comes in black it's most of the time for me. I love gothic classic, gothic sweet, gothic in general. I absolutely love the way Angelic Pretty has been going. All those dresses with layers and layers of frills and bows. All in black. They're my new favorite brand. (Next to Innocent World.) I have no idea when ap turned so goth but it's like a dream for me. (I can even fit into their dresses too.)

Two-I love to wear non-lolita shoes with my lolita clothes. I own lots of boots and sneakers and shoes. Whenever i look for new boots to buy i think if i can work it into a coord. My favorite shoes are boots. (just below the knee, mid calf, and ankle.) I also love the style of mary-janes. But like platform. With big chunky heels. I'm rather short (5'1) and i'm way to often to be much younger then i am. (I have gotten everything from being 14 to a max of being 16. Which i'm 18.) Which is rather annoying so i love heels to make me taller. ^.^ I don't suggest driving in them though. It's pretty diffucult.

Three-I love love love love my ct lolitas. Without them i would've been this scared newbie forever. Scared to try anything that isn't approved by EGL. I certainly wouldn't have such a renewed love for the fashion without them. While i haven't been to any meetups yet i just love them for helping me feel less afraid. As someone told me (i can't remember who.) 'We don't care what you wear as long as you feel ~*fanceh*~ wearing it.'

Four-While i'm not a lifestyle lolita (though i'd love to be.) i do love to have cute and frilly things around me. When i move into my dorm i'll do a before/after shot of my desk/bed area. My bedroom currently is very non lolita and even very non goth. My walls are bright green and on the walls are all sorts of silly things i love. (oh god and if you saw my bathroom. Wow you'd be surpised.)

Five-While i'm on the older side of lolita i plan on not growing up anytime soon. I'll still buy animal bags to tote things around in. (most likely in bat shape.) I'll dress as sweet as i want. Until i'm old enough that you can tell i'm no longer 18. (which will be a while as i can still pass for someone who's 15.)

Six-My sewing skills have greatly improved. I haven't tried making a skirt yet, but as soon as my sewing machine is fixed i'd love to try. But i have made a few pairs of gloves, countless hairbows, and i'm in the middle of making a bonnet/hat. Without lolita i'd have nothing to do late at night when i want to mom to think i'm sleeping but i'm not. (also for extra goth points i craft by candlelight.)

Seven-While i may be in a lot of rage/gossip communities i almost never post in them. Mostly just a lurker. I /love/ to read bad things that happen. Or just stupid people being stupid and causing WTF reactions from everyone. That makes me sound like a bitch lolita but i don't care. Don't judge people off of something they said. Base it off numerous occasions in which they said something dumb.

Eight-I really love the 'prince/ss charming' idea that all lolitas have. Someone to whisk them off feet with such romanticism you have no choice but to accept. If you ask me i am such a hopeless romantic it seems stupid. Yesturday i texted my friend that we should have a candlelight picnic in a cemetery or a park. (i added the park option incase she's not okay with cemeteries.) In which we can sit under the stars on my nightmare before christmas blanket. Cuddling in the moonlight. If that's not hopefully romantic i sure don't know what is. (If you're wondering she replied that it would be awesome and we should do it as soon as we can.) 

Nine-I dream of becoming so good at sewing loli skirts that i could sell them on etsy. They're just so pretty i can't help but want to help other girls look just as pretty. It would be a special line of geeky things. (in my mind.) From the elephant games to pokemon to song quotes to book quotes. Just everything and anything i could think of. They would come in stylish colors such as black. (and maybe other ones too.)

Ten-I don't like bell shaped skirts or petticoats. The skirt/op/jsk looks constrained to me. Like someone said to it 'No you can't be all flared and pretty you must stick to these rules about how far you can poof.' Something just looks wrong with the designs. That said of course i like A-line petticoats skirts/op/jsks much better and plan on owning some as soon as i get a job and stop being so poor. 

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