Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 2 – 10 things you love about lolita

Picture from hellolace

Hmm what don't i love about lolita? Well that's another post actually. But today is positive as these are things are i love in lolita!

The prints. 
I can't help but love the prints brands (and non brands like bodyline and anna house.) come up with. I have recently fallen in love with baby's print from 2008 THE WORLD'S MOST ADORABLE DOG AND THE WORLD'S MOST DELICIOUS FRAPPE PRINT OP. But more on that dress later. I love all the deer and candy, and dogs, and kittens, and teacups, and other great things. They're just too cute to ignore. Also flowers i'm a big fan of flowers on my dresses/skirts. 

The hairstyles
I just love the hairstyles people come up with. I'm not talking about wigs cause i don't really care about them. But just the styles that are made out of imagination. I love any hair that is teased out, curled, or dyed. (not a wig.) Or a combination of all of them or a few. 

The layers
This is also a dislike beause it is quite impractical in the summer. But in the winter/fall/early spring it's awesome. I just love to dress up with socks, shoes, hair, petticoats, dress, make up. It makes me feel so pretty and princessy. I can't help but love all the work that goes into the outfits. Everythings just so perfect.

The people
While i have met some pretty nasty people. Most of them are super sweet. I'm super happy to live in ct because the girls here are amazing. I could not ask for sweeter girls. As long as you know what you're asking and know it hasn't been asked before. The people on egl can be very helpful/nice.

The details
I love all the details that go into a dress. The lace, the bows, the frills. All on one dress i don't care. I love it all. 

The imagery
I love the idea of having teaparties in a garden on a bright sunny day. (and also doing that.) Or playing croquet  (which i would love to learn how to play.) on the lawn. Or just having a teaparty inside. I love cakes and cookies and cream puffs. Such adorable little things that i just adore.

The creativity
While i know lolita has a lot of rules compared to other fashions. I still love how people can make it so creative even with those rules. I love all the coords and accessories and things people come up with. It just makes me so happy to such imagination.

It makes you stronger
Now i already had practice in ignoring stupid questions and stupid people, from wearing my goth clothes. But i do think that dressing up as a cupcake and then going outside takes a lot of confidence. (which i didn't really have before goth or lolita.)

Being unique
Unless you live somewhere filled with tons of alternative people.(unlike me.) Then chances are you're pretty unique in your town. You don't see a lot of people walking around in baby in my town. (and by a lot i mean none. My town has known three types of people, the 'normal' type, the emo kids, and me.) I've always liked being the only one around with such a cute style.

Learning new things
I love how you can learn so many cool things from lolita. Like how to tie a bow, how to tell is lace is good. My sewing skills have improved a lot. I make accessories like mad now. I try out different hairstyles.

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