Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why the EGL comm is not the end all of lolita

Now these are some things that i really wish someone would've said to me when i first joined the lolita fashion. I think they are very good points. This article was inspired by my ct lolitas friends.

There are a lot of elitist drama llamas on egl
 As it turns out there are a lot of annoying people in that comm who will bitch and rant about anything 'not lolita.' Ignore them and go on your way. 
While there may be a lolita handbook that has strict rules about the fashion if you don't like the rules then don't pay attention to them.
While certain things do need to be listened to, like proper skirt length, wearing a petticoat, not looking like a whore. wearing socks or tights, and a short sleeved shirt. You can pretty much do anything else you like. Seriously. If you don't think that egl/d_l wouldn't like your outfit then don't post it there. 
The 'do it yourself' attitude
Egl has a weird thing about itself that whenever someone asks a question that is a complete newbie and doesn't know a thing. They jump on that person like a bunch of sharks. Yes there is a search function, and yes it does get annoying to answer the same question over and over. But Even if you don't want to answer to the question there's no need to jump on that person for asking a question. Simply say that the search function on the user info page could answer their question. Be helpful and friendly. If you really don't want to answer the question cause it's another post about milanoo dresses being lolita. Simply write up a little welcome message to the fashion and the comm. Now i know some people will argue with me that if you truly love the fashion you'll get over the comm. (such as myself.) But that shouldn't stop people from being nice. (and i know people have been turned away from the fashion because of the people there.)
You don't have to post there
I almost never post to egl. Mostly because i'm afraid of them. The last post i made was i found two really annoying ads from milanoo using angelic prettys picture on youtube. Which was in like the beginning of July. I posted it so people could be aware and i know that egl loves to hate milanoo so i knew i wouldn't get yelled at by annoying people. I never know what to post there either, so i just don't post at all. I sometimes make comments but rarely. My point is you don't have to be a very active member of the comm to be in the fashion. You could even leave the comm if you hated the drama so much and still be a lolita. 
Seriously do whatever the fuck you want. Nobody Cares.
As pointed out by my lovely connecticut loli friends. Do whatever you want. Dress however you feel. If anyone cares ignore them. It's the internet what's the chance of ever meeting them in real life? Or if you're at a meetup/on the street ignore them also. Just know that you look lovely and you're happy. Now just so i don't have a lot of itas saying that they really aren't ita they're ~lolita~ let me word it this way. If you're out with a skirt that reaches your knees a petticoat and shirt and socks. Everything that makes a proper lolita outfit don't let anyone tell you, you're outfit sucks. Or that you're not a real lolita. If you're not out in an outfit that a normal lolita outfit is, then you really shouldn't call it ~lolita~. You should say 'lolita inspired' or something like that. Then nobody can you out for giving us a bad a name. 
Don't post your pictures if you're not ready for what's going to happen
This should be obvious but i failed this horribly. On my first day of 'attempting to be a lolita' i wore a black skirt that didn't poof, a  black/purple corset that looked awful, a short sleeved shirt, knee high socks,red and black mary Jane type shoes, and a red/black hairbow. Looking back i could've made this outfit okay if i switched out some things. But i had the basics down. (I'm so happy that no one in my school had heard of lolita.) I posted the picture to Daily_lolita hoping to get some constructive criticism and a few hellos. It was a horrible outfit but i was proud of it, so i wasn't expecting what i got.
The replies i got back were very mean and so i left d_l. I haven't been back since even though my outfits
have improved lots. I got replies such as 'You're outfit is horrible why did you even wear that?' and
'You're shoes don't match the top is terrible the hairbow doesn't match anything.' If you aren't ready for replies 
like those. Then don't post you're picture. Don't even think about it. I'm worried for you.

So This post came out a little funny but i like the overall message of it. Which is-'Don't be afraid do whatever
You want!' (if you didn't catch that from the post.) So good morning everyone. I'm really tired so i'm going to 


punklace said...

I think this a general problem with lolita fashion forums. I have never seen the same type of comments left on other fashion forums that i have on loli forums. Some of the members can be very rude and hurtful, and its just a fashion, everyone is aloud their own interpretation.

Glad you are not put of wearing a fashion you love!

EGL is a really great resource and there are many really helpful loli's on there, its a shame some peoples snobbery puts others off.

(sorry for the double post)

Cali said...

Yeah I think if it wasn't my ct lolitas and general love for the dresses i would have left.

I try to be nice to everyone because it really is a lovely fashion.

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