Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 3 – 10 things you hate in lolita.

The price
I really hate how expensive everything is. I know people say 'get over it lolita is an expensive hobby' but really? My mom thinks i'm insane ever since i got into lolita for squeeing over a skirt that is only 141 dollars. (sheep garden by angelic pretty if you're wondering.)
The mean-ness
Now this is a less hate that some other things i could've put here. But i really just hate how people are mean to each to other. Is it that bad of thing if someone ask the same question for 12587469254615836216124692462nd time? Or if their coord is off? I see no reason why people are so mean to each other.
The internet based-ness of it
Okay i don't like how you mostly talk to people on line. I don't like how the shops (unless you're in Japan.) are online. I don't like the shipping costs. I'm just annoyed with the whole online way of lolita. Though it is what made the fashion more accessible.
The lack of real stores
Like they built it from bricks kind of store. Theres not even any sanrio stores where i live. (most of them closed.) the closest thing i have is that claires right now is carrying some hello kitty stuff. (it's about 10 or so different things.) I would love to have any lolita shop open up in ct. Even though i know that's a long shot, but i can dream can't i?
In the summertime socks, bloomers, shirt, and jsk just isn't very cool. It's very warm actually. /shotforbadjoke
looking at things on lower shelves while shopping
I hate to squat down to look at things cause i don't want to flash my panties. (which i know that's why you were bloomers.) I also hate bending over to look at things. 
The drama
I guess this goes with 'the mean ness' above but i just don't like how obvious trolls go and disrupt EGL because they can. It's more fun to read about on getoffegl but other then that i can't see why. I think we'd be better off without annoying people.
The care
I don't like how some brand prints bleed at the drop of water. While once i get some brand i will take care of it correctly. It doesn't mean i'm not annoyed that i just can't throw it in the washer. 
I don't like being passed off as a crazy fan when i get to the 'it's a fashion from Japan...' part of my explanations. You don't have too be an insane fan of everything Japanese to love lolita.
I /hate/ that people assume things about you. Since i'm a goth/loli people take what they think they know about goth and what they think they know about lolita and mix them together. I don't think i hate anything more then having creepy guys hit on me. Offer me a cigarette. Try to buy me a drink. Or anything really that i don't want.


Katie said...

I love this post! I agree with everything, haha. <3

Anne said...

I hate all of these things as well! So much drama X_X. And there are lots of Japan-crazed people where I live (University town), so it's very easy to have people look at you and go, "Oh look, there's another person trying to be Japanese".


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