Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 5 – 10 items from your wishlist.

Oh day five. I have been waiting for this one. These are all of my lolita wants in no real order. (lolita wants because this is a lolita challenge. I could fill up a lot more then 10 spots if it was just general wants.)

The worlds most adorable dog and the worlds most delicious frappe print by baby the stars shine bright
I love this print because of the name. It's so silly. How can you not like a print with such a long and ridiculous name?

Dream sky skirt by Angelic pretty
I actually didn't like this print in dress forme. I don't like empire waists. So was i really happy to see that it came in a skirt forme. I think it's adorable. Along with some star jewelry it would the cutest thing.

Sheep garden print by Angelic Pretty
It's just too cute. Sheep are adorable and along with goats have a weird love relationship with them. Oh well i think it's adorable just plain cute.

Candy fairy by Angelic pretty
I also really love this in bluexpink and deciding which color scheme to get will probably be the hardest thing. But it's so pretty. The pink tulle against the black and the details along the hem. Oh it's just so pretty.

Felicia crown jsk by Innocent world
I want this so i can wear a mini crown with it. Perhaps some pearls and other pretty jewelry. This just seems so pretty and dainty. 

Lotta jsk by Innocent world
I want this dress so badly i will kill someone for it. (You've all had those dresses. Don't lie i know you have.)
The second i saw this print i fell in love with it instantly. While it doesn't come in black this blue is just as pretty. There are two matching headbows which i would wear. Mostly likely at the same time if i could get it to look right. While i'm not one for very matchy matchy coords i think i might have to spring for the socks as well. Since they are too adorable!

Ribbon chandelier jsk by metamorphose
It's just so pretty and cute. How could you not like this jsk?  

Twinkle Journey op by Metamorphose
This is just so adorable. It has unicorns on the hem who also had a picnic in the moonlight in a field of flowers. With the meta swans. This print is too adorable.

Wonder cookie op by Angelic pretty
The black version makes it seem more neon and vegas-y. With the card suit cookies and whatnot. But i still love it no matter what. 

The innocent world lotta print jsk byul doll.
A doll forme for my favorite iw print ever. Let me repeat. A DOLL FORME OF MY FAVORITE IW PRINT EVER! I will totally be one of those crazy people who creates a house for her and everything. (but i already do that with anything else.) I want this so badly it's crazy. It's just so pretty and adorable and lovely. 

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