Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A post of everything

Hey everyone. I wanted a more gothic look to the blog. I'm more of a bittersweet lolita anyways. Even if the term isn't used very often i think it suits me perfectly. I had gotten the teacup image from this flickr account.

Another thing that i am quite proud of starting is my bottle/can skirt project. I had done this as a math project last  year. I collect bottle and cans and use that money to buy a skirt. This time i'm going to buy a replica of my deer (pun so intended) Lotta print skirt. I don't give a damn about replicas and whatnot Oo Jia can make this skirt for seventy five dollars plus shipping. While a lolita quoted this dress was five hundred dollars!  I'm a poor college kid over here. (I don't give a damn about not complaining and how lolita is expensive.)

I was just going to settle for the blue colorway since i was going to buy it. Now that i'm getting it in replica form i'm going to ask for it be black. I imagine it will be more like angelic pretty's sheep garden in black. Where all the blue is replaced by black. This will be 1,500 bottles and cans. While the original figure was 25 a day for 30 days back in highschool, i don't think i'll make that here. I did frequently pass that mark when collecting though. So i'm just going for collecting whatever i find. I'll have it soon enough.

On a holy shit how adorable note. We have these teacup candles from design sponge. You can get teacups for rather cheap at goodwill. (or thrift stores if you don't have goodwills.) Most of the time they sell for a dollar or fifty cents. Candles aren't allowed at my school so i can't show you my favorite way to light the way. I am a huge fan of candles and teacups so teacup candles are perfect! (Even more perfect if the candles are black. Oh yes a very good idea indeed.)

Also i was infected with the cleaning/organzing/and decorating bug today. So i'll have to post pictures of my new gothed up (as much as i could get it with what i had.) side of my room.

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