Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 21 – Your favorite fictional lolita.

Why Alice from alice in wonderland. Okay i know she's not really a lolita but she has influenced the style a lot. (In the case of alice in the pirates an entire brand!) Yes i have read the book and it just as cute. While it was written for the nerdiest reason possible. I still love it, it even enhances the story. For me atleast.

Alice is cute and possibly has the cutest art ever.
I plan on buying this from anna house.

Does anyone else think this would be the cutest print ever?

If you're wondering why i didn't choose Momoko from Kamikaze girls the reason is simple. I have seen that movie twice and i didn't really care about it. Other then the 'holy fuck is Japan weird.' intital reaction i don't get why so many lolis love this movie. Is it because it's about lolita? It has a badass loli in it? I don't get it. It was an okay movie and i keep watching it to see if it'll get better the more i see it. So since i don't really like that movie i wasn't going to choose her. 

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