Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gothed up tuesday

Hello everyone. What's this two posts in one day? Oh i'm such a rebel. Today i have named 'Gothed up tuesday' this day is where i get dressed up as high as i can.

Why? Today i have my three hour English class from six to nine. It wouldn't be that bad cause i really like English  except for the teacher is absolutely crazy, it's three hours long, and it's all about writing expository essays. Not even essays paragraphs. I could go on and on about the class but i won't. So i plan on dressing up as much as i can so i can feel pretty and happy even if the things i have to do are terrible.

So heres a silly webcam photo of part of my outfit. I'll give you a full picture when i get back from class.

Here is my full outfit from later.
I felt like i was in a circus so i wish i had a top hat but oh well. I had like four bows on my head. ^.^
I also had this little kid point out to his mom 'ooh look at that girl!' all happy and squeaky. It was cute. Then again i had a parent of a different little kid walk past me while waiting for the van to show up that said 'go cut yourself.'

Well damn i didn't know my wrong ways until you said that soul crushingly depressing statement. Maybe i will next time okay? (No i won't, i just like to act like I've never heard such comments before when i have a million and one times.)


Tenebris In Lux said...

I'm digging the corset :-D

Cali said...

Thanks! I do love stripes.

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