Saturday, October 8, 2011

Carousel pony skirt coord

This is my favorite skirt from bodyline. At the moment that is. So this is a coord i dreamed up a while back. 

 Carousel neckalce from kawaii good
 Black carousel skirt from bodyline
 I didn't write down where i got this necklace from. But i love it.
 Rocking horse ring from chocomint
 star hair clippies from chocomint. I'll get the yellow ones i don't know why i had the pink ones.
Star ring from chocomint.

I don't have a pair of shoes or a shirt because i already own those. But this is what i want to wear so badly. I'll have to get a job before this can materialize. 

In good news i ordered this petticoat a while ago. I'll be a real lolita. (Well more of one since i'll be able to get the shape now.) Yay! I'll post pictures when i get it. 

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