Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dragon cave and pokemon

In was on dragon cave lurking around on other peoples scrolls, when i found this dragon.
Shadow Walkers are a strange breed that possess the ability to slip between the planes of reality, becoming immaterial. This allows them hide in the shadows, either hunting from the concealment of near invisibility or evading enemies. Though they become corporeal to mate or to eat, they spend most of the rest of their lives walking in the shadows. Shadow Walkers are wary creatures, though on dark Autumn evenings when the leaves fall to swirl in the chill, rain damp air, they may be seen drifting out from the shadows.

Now this made me think of a certain mascot pokemon for a newly released game.
Yes Reshiram. He's a legendary and also a dragon. He's a dragon/fire type and his pokedex only talks about setting things on fire. So that wouldn't be very helpful for the comparison. The going into other dimensions belongs to dialgapalkia,giratina, and the unowns. I still think they have similar designs and legends about them. Heres a little shameless egg spam for you guys.

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