Friday, December 30, 2011

Kawaii Goods lucky pack

Hello everyone.My kawaii goods lucky pack came today! I'd thought i'd show you what i got. I actually lost xavier (my digital camera) so i took these with my webcam. When i find him i'll replace these pictures with much better quality pictures. I got the fairy kei lucky pack.

 The package came in an envelope, which had a box inside of it. The actual items came in this cute plastic bag.   
The entire contents of my pack. Isn't it beautiful.
 Business cards~! I got cards for Kawaii goods, Imperfect kawaii, and Sweetie cakes shop.
 I love this necklace! It's a little twin stars necklace, and it has Kiki and Lala sitting in/on a sundae. It's super cute and i'm sad this was the best picture i could get. It's also full of glitter which is always good.
 Fuzzy rainbow 2 way clip. It's so fuzzy and cute and adorable i just love it. You can't not love it.
 Kawaii goods button. It's just cute deal with it.
Little unicorn button. I'll have to find something to pin these too.

The lucky pack cost 15 dollars and 19 dollars with shipping. It was a good deal since you can usually buy one or two things for that price. They're all good quality and adorable. I would definitely buy from her again. I want a lot of things from her shop.

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