Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to cheer up a bad day!

Picture from love4arts' deviantart.

I don't get bad days that often but when i do it's like death. So i do some things that cheer me up. Heres a few cute ideas to get you in a better mood!

♥ Get dressed up in your favorite outfit. 
♥ Go anywhere to show off how good you look
♥ Go to the dollar store or toy store and buy a crown wear it proclaiming you're a prince/ss.
♥ Eat your favorite food
♥ Go on a walk
♥ Go to a tea shop and order your favorite tea 
♥ Go shopping! (You don't have to spend money.)
♥ Listen to your favorite music loudly.
♥Go to the gym. Endorphins are good for you.
♥ Read a book of your favorite poems or a book by your favorite author.
♥ Make any kind of sweets and enjoy them.
♥ Go to bath and body works (or any similar store) and find a favorite fragrance. (buy it if you can.)

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