Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rococo Lolita

Hello everyone. I've always loved classic lolita next to gothic it was my favorite style. I didn't really like sweet back then. (If you hadn't noticed the posts on here it got me eventually. :P)

My favorite style of classic is the more rococo inspired dresses. With the right coordination you could appear to have stepped right out of a book. Curly hair piled high up on your head was popular. Maybe with a few curls hanging down. Make up back then was full of lead and mercury (among other ridiculously poisonous metals.) so don't try to be ~*oh so hardcore*~ you'll end up dead. Waists were tiny with the help of tightly laced corsets. Corsets aren't necessary for classic lolita.  

All pictures are from hello lace with dresses from angelic pretty, baby, millefleur, innocent world, and mary magdelene. 

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