Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 28 – A picture of the perfect lolita location.

This picture is from the backyard of two abandoned (at the time not anymore.) houses. This table i found in the back of the house that ended up not getting torn down. They were selling both houses for half a million dollars but i'm not sure what the final price was. Someone bought both houses and tore one down and is currently fixing the other one up. It was December 2010 and was absolutely freezing out. (There wasn't really any snow until January when the state and bunch of other states got hit with six feet of snow.

Anyways i chose this picture because it looks so dreary and beautiful. While not a sweet lolita tea party spot. Definitely a class or gothic spot.  I love decaying things they are so beautiful! I can just imagine what kind of stories those houses had to tell. You could have a lovely tea party here. Find some lovely matching (or mismatching) chairs, silver teapot, and decadently designed teacups. Just amazing.

1 comment:

[frilly-teacup] said...

A very nostalgic thought.
Thanks for sharing! ^-^~

(Also, it's awesome that our blog names are similar among having other similarities~)

Have a good evening.

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