Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The elephant games

Hi everyone. I realized that i meant to do more geeky things then just fashion. So heres a post about my favorite gaming site with my favorite games. Ever since i found armor games a few years ago I've always liked their games. Seemed higher quality nicer layout not as many ads. My favorite games are the elephant games are most definitely my favorite games. They're made by John.

The blue elephant from Elephant quest

All the games focus around a blue elephant. In each of them the elephant has some task to do. Or a lot of tasks to do in achievement unlocked.

In run elephant run the elephant has become so famous that the tour he was on has been extended. So he can't go back to africa to see his wife. His wife was a purple elephant. So the blue elephant runs away from hollywood to see his wife. He has to avoid all sorts of obstacles. It's a very quick game and i don't think I've ever gotten him home.

In this is the only level and this is the only level too the elephant is stuck in a game where there is only one level. He must find the different ways to solve each level. I don't think I've ever beaten either of these games.

In obey the game the elephant is stuck in a world of constantly changing demands. Only getting a coffee break every few levels. There is someone telling him to do things like: deliver, avoid, survive, collect and hide. It's an endless loop game which with every few levels increasing in speed makes it much harder. There really is no completion in this game.

Then we have achievement unlocked and achievement unlocked 2. Which are so much fun to play. I love to play them just for the thrills of completing things. The first game has a similar level style to 'this is the only level' the second games levels are different and that's why they are awesome. In this game you can earn achievements such as: Play the Game = Start the game, Total Confusion = Space bar has no purpose, dummy, Gone in a Flash = Die in less 0.23 seconds, and Meaning of Life = Hit 4-2 in that order. You can read the entire list of achievements for the first game here.

Then we have elephant quest. The most extensive out of all the games. In this game the purple bully wooly stole the elephant bowler hat. So he goes on a quest to get it back. Including fighting lots of monsters with canons. Getting more canons with each side quest completed. Getting minions with canons to help you defeat the bully wooly. Getting balloons to show it to other elephants and to look cute.I have never completed this game but i have gotten to battling the bully wooly.

Then we have some really adorable pieces of merchandise for sale.

Top: Achievement unlocked
Bottom: This is the only level.

General t-shirt design.

Pack of elephant-ness
Including t-shirt, both cups, and a ball revamped ball. another one of his games.
They are so riduclously dumb but that's why i love them. I really want to make a skirt with the elephant on it. He's so cute and i love him. So i hope you liked the "review" i did of these games.

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