Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 25 – Your favorite lolita themed artwork.

I actually had to go looking for cute art because i never go looking for it. I had found a cute little 9 part 'Lolita Stereotypes' art. This one is my favorite about lifestyle lolitas.

I like this because i am half a lifestyler. I loved tea way before i ever knew about lolita. I love girly little crafts. I love picnics and gardens pretty flowers. I love antique furniture and candles. Most of which i loved a long time ago but continued to love when i realized they fit well. I love to write letters as well.

The art is just adorable and strangely accurate. If you do meet a non crazy lolita you must tell me. Since all the ct lolis are absolutely insane. That's why they are awesome. But there are most likely the really hardcore lifestylers who freak everyone else out. Which is where i got numbers nine through eleven of my 'how to be a real lolita' post.

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