Monday, November 7, 2011

Brand or bodyline?

Hi guys. I'm having such a problem. I can't decide whether to buy this bodyline skirt or this brand skirt. Both i would have to find on the comm since the bodyline skirt is sold out in black. Dream sky is about 350 dollars and the bl skirt is about 20 dollars.

I really want to get the bl skirt so i can make a cyber loli outfit. (And be super adorable on my date with my girlfriend at some point in time.)

But i also really want the dream sky op because it's pretty and i want some brand. I could also make a cyber loli outfit out of this but i'd have to think about it. Empire waists makes me look pregnant and i'm sure my mom would think it was a nightgown. Noooo.....
Or i could make an adorable OTT (or just sweet.) style outfit. Either one would be adorable.

Oh well i'll think of something.

What do you think?



mitsuyatop said...

Tbh, if you want brand really badly (as in, to wear daily, or such, not just once), then go ahead. But like you said, empire waists make you look 'pregnant' (I'm not saying this, I'm just saying what you said), so if the shape doesn't suit you then I suggest you don't buy it :'/
But then again, it's better/higher quality than bodyline, but the red on the body line skirt looks like it would fit nicely with cybergoth.
But that's just what I think ^^

Cali said...

I really wanted the skirt but that won't fit me. I think it will look fine on me just heavier.

Yeah where there is a will there is a way! I'm trying to work my way up to daily lolita (wearing it everyday.) but i only have one skirt so far.

Oh well i'll make a choice somehow.

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