Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New brand print! Moon Night Theatre

Hello everyone i Just saw a post from Angelic Pretty on angelicpoodle announcing their new print! I'm not sure if it did Just come out or they're late in annoucing it. So if this is old news sorry about that. I just thought it was too adorable not to make a post about it.

The five colorways and print

Here is the page with everything in the set. 
Small hairbows 

Large hairbows

The Jumperskirts. They also have tiered jsks. The design looks the same though.

The skirts only come in these two colors.

The one pieces.

The socks.

I am really excited about this print because now there is finally an ap version of baby's border print. I've always wanted that for just how silly and brand whore-y it was. Baby is not my favorite brand so that would be false advertising. I love all the colors except for pink. (But i'm sure pink would look good on someone else.) My Favorite is the one piece in wine. It's not that terribly expensive. Which is good as long as the price doesn't skyrocket, like seemingly every other print i like. I think my laptops monitor is a bit off though because the green appears to be blue but it's cute either way. 

What are your thoughts on this print? Do you think it tacky? Is it so tacky it's lovable? Do you like it? Love it?   Want to burn it in your fireplace? Tell me your thoughts and if you're planning on buying it. 

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mitsuyatop said...

They're late announcing it, I saw the print in their Japanese web shop about 2 or 3 days ago. I surprisingly like the pink colour way, especially the short skirt, and the dark green-ish colourway is nice too. I'm glad AP took a big step in using different greens ^^

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