Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 23 – A picture of your handwriting.

Aha! This is a perfect day for showing you why i am awesomely cautious! When i was fourth grade i was sitting at my desk and this girl (Who happened to have the name Callie and was convinced she was born in a palm tree.) had a broken right wrist and the teacher commented on how well her handwriting was with her left hand.
Me being the attention starved child i was thought that if i taught my left hand how to write then i could get a compliment from the teacher as well. (I feel bad using the word 'attention starved' as that wasn't exactly the right word but that was the only word i could think of to use.) I told everyone i know that i was doing it incase i ever break my right hand. You guys are pretty much the first people to know the actual reason behind my shallow fourth grader adventures.

Then i did. I have been teaching my left hand how to write since 4th grade. This october 11th i perfected it. It took me seven years but i did it. To the credit of my left hand during those seven years there are a few time spans of months where i thought it was a dumb idea and stopped. So i could give you a few more paragraphs of explanation but i'll spare you guys. I decided to write lyrics down of my two favorite songs.

 My right hand with lyrics from 'The sharpest lives' by My chemical romance
My left hand with lyrics from 'How strange' by Emilie Autumn


Under_The_Stairs said...

You can write with both hands?Cool.I can barley write with my favorite hand LOL.(I've dyslexia and dysgraphia)

Cali said...

Yup. For the first couple of months my teachers all thought i was left handed because my left hand writing is so much neater then my right. (But it takes much longer to write with.)

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