Saturday, September 10, 2011

Steamlita preparation and life

I'm terribly sorry that i had not posted in a few days. I just got the internet working in my dorm and I've been taking outfit pictures. So I've got a lot to post. Me and my roommates went to the mall on wenesday and i bought a few little things.

In more exciting news there is a steampunk exhibit at the mark twain house in October til January. So the Connecticut lolitas have devised a meetup. Now I've been researching steam punk or steam lolita so i could try to make an outfit out of it. I've got a pretty good idea for an outfit, i'll just have to see how it turns out.
I plan to make it more  steam aristocrat then steam lolita. Even if there is a very pretty skirt from bodyline i want. (in red.)

I have a thing for keys. Any kind that i can get my hands on. I like it. Since there's no brown in the outfit i'll just use the more silvery keys. But i hope it'll still look good.

Outfit worn to class on september 5th
I'm sorry the for the quality of this picture. This is the first picture i took with my mirror in my dorm. The skirt 'bustles' around the hem but since i'm sitting you can't see it. It's black and white striped. The shirt is just a plain black shirt. I'm pretty sure i'm wearing my corset under this otherwise i wouldn't be sitting like that.

Sorry this post is mostly rambling and boring. I'll post more interesting things later.

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