Monday, September 26, 2011

Mall and outfit

fHi everyone on friday i went to the mall and this is what i got/wore.

 shirt from forever 21. Eyelashes from forever 21. Tights from forever 21. Which i wore today and found a hole in the side of one of the legs. I only cared for a second because ripped fishnets are a goth staple. Brain age is from the gamestop.
 Close up of the print. It was kind of sort of expensive but i couldn't resist.
 I've found a new love in gyaru, and i've mostly left lolita. I still love the dresses and will continue to wear it. I'm just not in any comms anymore.
 The sad thing is that i owned brain age when it first came out and i lost the actual game to it. So now i've got two brain age boxes. But i was so happy to find it so cheap. I clutched it in my hand while i tried to find the exit.

I had gotten lost you see. The van gives you a time and you're supposed to be at that spot at that time (whatever place they dropped you off in and whatever time he said.) so he can drive you back to school. I found a map and got back fine with like ten minutes to spare. ^.^ Now for the outfit.

 My hair/face.

 My outfit. Yeah i know this is bad picture but it was like ten at night, and the lighting in my room is awful. But anyways i'm wearing black skinny jeans, black lace top, a black jacket, and black tank top with pink flowers on it.
My shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah....

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