Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fairy-Kei try one.

Hello everyone a few days ago i had tried out a fairy kei-ish outfit. Yes i wore this to class and to the mall! It was awesome!

So here is the outfit.

 Left-hair comb, Right-armband. Yes these are socks
 This is also a sock

Outfit rundown:
Pink/rose top: thrift store
Blue top: thrift store
purple pants: thrift store
necklace: gift from someone
Pink rabbit accessories: socks i got for easter
Blue rabbit armwarmer: sock that i couldn't find the other one to
pink cyberlox giftwrap thing: bow from walmart
hello kitty ribbon: walmart
black/white horse hairclips: forever 21
Pink curly ribbon hair comb: ribbon i found in a craft box

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