Saturday, July 23, 2011

Something fresh something new something borrowed and something blue!

Hello everyone. This is my blog for lolita, goth, and my life. But not my life as in 'my mom is a crack whore, and my dads a pimp and my sister is a stripper and boo hoo my life is terrible and i want everyone to read about it.' No not /that/ kind of life posts. More of what i'm doing in picture form. Cool things i found/bought, cool things i did,  outfit posts, and i have a few ideas for craft posts. Maybe other things then that.

Oh your blogs name is so cute and frilly just like hello kitty but with teacups! You must be a sweet lolita right?  This is a blog about sweet lolita?

No sorry it's not. While i love to look at some of the cute prints and even want a few. I'm not a sweet lolita. I'm more of a gothic lolita plus whatever else i wanted to wear that day. I'm not too big on labels (just because i take up so many it's hard to explain.) but if i was going to explain it would be, guro lolita, shiro, kuro, gothic, sweet, sailor, cyber lolita/goth, deathrock  lolita, classic lolita, victorian goth, perky goth, negative, (same as shiro up there.) electric goth and my brain is failing me but probably a few more. As you can see i mix and match everything i'm not what you think i am even when i tell you. But i do love tea and i probably have more then four cups a day, i love teacups too. I think they are beautiful things created and i love that they are handpainted. I just think they are adorable. I went to the Charleston museum a while back when i was in south carolina and they had teacups, plates, bowls, and other chinaware that they had found pieces of and put back together. It made my little heart cry when i saw the almost perfect teacups that had a few pieces missing. It was so sad but beautiful at the same time.

Who are you? Could you tell me more about yourself?
Despite what the blog says my real name is not Cali. It is Jill. But a few years ago or maybe just one or two i was in this guild on neopets called Mes Amis. Where i met wonderful and amazing people. Before that when i was created the account Calictii i wanted a name in my account name so i came up with Cali. Now in Mes Amis the five of us that had created the guild got into council and we all put whatever our name was then a pastry or something sweet. So i put mine down as Cali Cookie. It's taken a few funny turns into the real world but mostly it's my internet name. Except on livejournal and facebook.
I'm 18 and i live in connecticut in the us. I'm going to college in the town next to us. I just graduated highschool on June 23rd. It rained but it was okay because it was hot in our gowns. I like anime and i go to my towns anime club. I like reading and was in my highschools book club, i'm also a writer and a photographer. I love pokemon and collect Turtwig+line, skymin, anything else i damn want to.
I'm bisexual but i like girls more then guys cause i can't do anything farther then hug a guy. If you've got a problem with that then GTFO! I don't need you here. It probably won't come up much anyways just thought i'd let you know.

Alright have a fantastical day!

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