Sunday, July 24, 2011

Miyuki-chan in wonderland review

On Friday at anime club, since it was only highschoolers there we decided to watch Miyuki-chan in Wonderland Which is a very early clamp anime from 1995. It is based on Alice in wonderland. It was really funny to watch because everything was dressed like a stripper. (except the red queen which was a dominatrix.) 
This is the least offensive part of the anime.

It starts out with the alarm clock going off at 7:31 am. Miyuki is late for school. So she runs out the door and runs to school. But then the white rabbit appears on a skateboard and a a hole appears in pavement and they both fall into the rabbit hole.

The white rabbit.

Once she lands the white rabbit disappears and Miyuki is in a dark place. There she meets the door. Which they managed to make going through a door also very sexual.

The door. You thought i was kidding.

The door knobs are her boobs and you must grab them. She does and the door puts her face into them and she goes through the door. 
Red is Cho-li and blue is To-li

Now finding Miyuki in a forest where she meets the Tweedledum and Tweedledee,  Cho-li and To-li. Where they try to kill her. Miyuki runs from them and they shoot there lazer like things at the ground cracking it. Miyuki trips and falls into the crack that was created. 

She then falls and lands in a tree above a field of flowers. The branch breaks and she falls into the flowers. In the field is a table with a teacup and kettle. It pours a cup for Miyuki when a flying heart comes by and lands in Miyukis hands. It says "drink me" on it then it flies away.

I only wish i was making this up.

 This shrinks Miyuki to wander around the field of flowers where she happens upon the tea party. Which is being held on top of a flower.

From left to right-The white rabbit, The mad hatter, and
 The doormouse.

The mad hatter sends out a non harmful purple ray to make Miyuki fly up to the flower. Once there She ignores Miyukis questions of 'Where am i?' with just the word 'here.' The mad hatter then tries to rape her, and the dormouse gives her a cup of tea, and Miyuki drinks it. She also tries to rape Miyuki. She runs away and grows back to her original size. She's now in a dark forest.

The Cheshire cat. I have no idea why she's yellow.

The Cheshire cat jumps down from the tree and pushes her to the ground and is on top of her. The cat then tries to make out with her but Miyuki's transported away before that happens. Miyuki is now  outside the Red Queens castle. 

The maidens are painting the white roses they planted.

Miyuki talks to them until The Red Queen shows up, and is very mad that white roses have been planted. All of the maidens are very excited for the red queen to punish them and they all take the blame for planting the white roses. She asks Miyuki for her name and tells her to get on her knees and lick her boots. Miyuki runs away from her and the red queen chases after cracking her whip.

The Red Queen.

While Miyuki is running away the white rabbit shows up for a little bit. Then the red queen catches her with her whip and drags her back to her. Then it's over. Miyuki wakes back up in her bedroom withe the alarm clock going off at 7:31 am. She runs back out of the house and then the anime ends. 

The only thing i can say about Miyuki-chan in Wonderland is holy shit what kind of stuff was clamp on when they created this. I love clamp and they're manga but what else can you say after seeing this? This is just really fucked up. Since this review got rather long i'll leave Mirror land till tomorrow. No it's kind of worse then Wonderland. It's not better.

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