Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 4 – Name a stereotype or cliche you can relate to.

Bad poetry and graveyard picnics.

Okay my poetry is not bad. I'm not saying that as a general defense either.Most people who hear my poetry (or read it) think it's very good. Most of mine isn't on the internet it's in notebooks. But i found two on my facebook that are relatively good. One's about me be a stalker in anime club (but not as creepy as another one i have in the blue rsnn.)

Take a breath 
You can stare all you want 
but that doesn't make it true 
you can wish 
all you want 
But that doesn't make it real 
You can whisper it in the dark loudness 
but it'll never be heard 
No matter how hard you try you'll never be 
With the one you truly want 

Yeah. Graveyard picnics are one of my favorite things to do. Just walk through gaveyards. Sit and talk to them. Especially Elias. You guys probably don't know Elias so refer to this picture. For christmas one year my dad got a nightmare before christmas throw blanket. I use it for my picnic adventures. I used to have a real picnic basket until i lost it. Now i use a suitcase my grandma used to use. Until she died then when we were cleaning out her house i fished it out of the dumpster. I use it for vacations too. Like even on a plane. 


TheMottledSculpin said...

I love graveyard picnics too! I used to go on them with my mom and brother! I'm glad I'm not the only one! It's so peaceful, you know?

Cali said...

Yeah i love to Just lie down on the grass. (in a spot which is carefully measured to not have someone under me.) My town is kind of weird in the fact that there are like 8 or so graveyards. Where i go to school there aren't any. Anywhere.

TheMottledSculpin said...

The ones around here are spread really far apart, and I don't get the opportunity to visit them very often. I go with with my mom sometimes to just walk around and take pictures and stuff, but we haven't had an actual picnic at one in ages. Now I'll just have to go when spring gets here!!

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