Monday, February 20, 2012

An endless supply of rant and pictures.

Hi guys sorry for being so dead around here. Well i'm here to supply you with some lovely pictures. The giveaway things! Yay! It was a hard descision to find things you guys might like because i don't really know any of you. I hope you like them.

On thursday i went around collecting bottles so nothing fancy.
Les mis cast shirt from highschool, and some baby pink pants. oh yeah.

The next day i went down to the highschool to collect more bottles and this was what i wore to the bottle return place. People were surprised that i looked so normal but i don't want to get bottle/can ick on my clothes.

Book club shirt and black pants

Then today i went to the mall, because my mom said she would drive me. I got all dressed up in Wonder cookie. I've worn it a lot since i've bought it, but heres actual proof i own it. 

And heres a boob  necklace shot since you can't see it above.  

Now for the part all of you care about. It took me a long time to find good things. The bittersweet theme was actually much harder then i thought. It would've been easier for full on goth, or classical lolita. Whatever i found these things.

A black bow i found in a thrift store
Thigh high black/white striped socks from hot topic
Rainbow wire heart necklace from claires
White wrist cuffs from claires.

I totally love those wrist cuffs and might have to go back to get my own pair. I'll make a separate post for the giveaway so you're not linking to a random post of some of my outfits. Whoot! 

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punklace said...

Wonder cookie looks amazing!

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